Philadelphia Restaurant Serving Cannabis-Infused Smoothies

blueberry CBD smoothie

PHILADELPHIA — A Pennsylvania restaurant that specializes in healthy food is now serving cannabis-infused, CBD smoothies, according to the Philly Voice 

Fuel is an award-winning restaurant with a menu that focuses on healthy foods such as panini's, rice bowls, salads, protein smoothies, wraps, and now CBD smoothies 

The CBD smoothies do not contain THC and therefore will not get you high, but the smoothies do contain .5 ml of CBD oil. CBD is a known mood-enhancing medicine, which also has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety qualities. CBD is also known to have anti-inflammatory qualities, can control pain, and is an effective anti-seizure medicine. Scientists are also studying CBD to treat Parkinson's disease, substance abuse, and schizophrenia.  

Fuel's CBD Smoothies Come in 3 Flavors 

The Fuel CBD smoothies come in three different flavors which are Berry Dream, Green Dream, and Orange Dream. The Berry Dream and Green Dream smoothies are both vegan and contain no dairy. The Orange Dream is made with non-fat yogurt but is also available as a vegan CBD smoothie upon request.  

A small 16-ounce CBD smoothie will run you $6.95 and a large 24-ounce smoothie is $8.95. The restaurant will also give you a CBD upgrade on any of their other smoothies for just $2.95.   

Fuel could be onto a lucrative trend by infusing their smoothies with CBD. The CBD market is expected to earn at least $22 billion by 2022 and has already generated more than $367 million in sales. Coca-Cola, as well as several beer companies, have announced their plans to expand into the CBD market, and CBD is now found in everything from coffee to health and wellness products 

Rocco Cima is the president of Fuel's menu promotion and says that the restaurant was approached by their CBD supplier because of Fuel's reputation for serving healthy options. Cima also encouraged people to do their own research on the health benefits of CBD.  

"With CBD-infused smoothies, I am pleased to give customers an option to focus on their body along with their mental well-being. While we can't and won't make any medical claims, I suggest everyone do their research and decide if CBD-infused edibles are for them," he said, adding that the restaurant is proud to begin the dialogue about CBD.  

Fuel plans to incorporate more CBD-infused beverages and foods on their menu as early as next year.