Are Desktop Vaporizers Worth the Cost?

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Vaping, as I'm sure you've noticed, is a current trend running rampant throughout various smoking industries, from tobacco to cannabis. It has struck popular culture, a mainstay on college campuses, the internet, and everywhere in between. You know it's real when a classroom syllabus has to include the phrase, "no vaping during class time."

When it comes to vaporizers, there are two categories. The first is what we see out and about: the portable vaporizer. These, which come in various shapes and sizes (notably looking like a pen or a flash drive). Portable vaporizers are typically small and can fit easily into a pocket. They are typically on the affordable side of the cost spectrum since the technology is simplified for ease and discreet use. Plus, they are convenient and ideal for a quick and short-lasting puff.

The other category of vaping device is the desktop vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers are larger, contain a more advanced technology inside, and are typically used at home. These devices are known to produce a better vaping experience, with longer-lasting hits and a higher quality of vapor.

Desktop vaporizers are an investment piece, though one worth making if high quality vaping is on your long-lasting to do list. They are for the serious vapors-those that require more than a pen can provide, who vape regularly – more than whipping out a Juul at a social engagement every once in a while

Desktop Vaporizer Types

There are three main desktop vaporizer designs – balloon, whip, and dual – which each offer a little something different for consumers and vaping enthusiasts.


The balloon style of desktop vaporizer is a very popular option since it allows for longer sessions and is ideal for group use. It's also very easy and low on labor intensity.

Upon turning on the machine, it works to fill the chamber with vapor with a built-in fan, inflating a balloon with the good stuff. From there, vapers pick up the balloon and inhale what's inside. Here, there is no dependence on your own ability to inhale, which is a definite perk.


Whip desktop vaporizers have a design that uses food-grade tubing. These tubes act as a channel for the hot vapor to move through; after connecting the tubes to the chamber, the foggy substance flows through the marijuana and straight to your mouth as you inhale.

The whip desktop vaporizer design is ideal for having lots of control over amounts of vapor produced and consumed, as well as the density of the vape, which can typically be seen through the tubes. The amount of vapor produced is dependent on the user's breath.


A dual desktop vaporizer combines the best of the whip and balloon designs, by giving consumers a choice. Dual machines offer both options so that vapers can mix it up if they'd prefer.


Something to keep in mind with desktop vaporizers: Regardless of which make or model, as a consumer, you will get what you pay for. These machines are meant to last with heavy-duty use and will be priced accordingly.

As far as maintenance, higher priced items should last longer and need less replacement. Replacing parts is known to be relatively inexpensive; most of the expenses are upfront, rather than ongoing costs that appear after the initial purchase.

Benefits of Using a Desktop Vaporizer

There are some pretty clear benefits of using a desktop vaporizer. When it comes to regular use, it's both convenient and more efficient – thanks to a large chamber size, you don't run out easily and have to continuously re-supply a cartridge; this also is less money spent repeatedly, in addition to less hassle. It's more of an investment, where you get your money's worth every time you vape. These machines last for life.

There is never an issue or question of quality. While portable vape pens can be a gamble, desktop vaporizers have the size and internal space to contain more in-depth and advanced vaping technology. In this scenario, the size of the smoking device does matter and proves that smaller isn't always superior.

With this advanced technology comes an improved experience. One example is the effect on the taste: The tech effects the heating process. When the vape is heated correctly, there is a smoother taste, leading to a more defined and high-quality experience. It's more potent, and delicious to boot.

It is also nice not to be tethered to the shelf-life of a battery. Desktop vaporizers are directly connected to a power source and are thus not dependent on double or triple-A inserts. This also allows for the machine to conduct more power, allowing the advanced technology to better work its electricity-powered magic.

When shopping around for your next desktop vaporizer, be sure to consult for the best deals near you.