Cannabis Products Spotlight: O.penVAPE Kits & Cartridges

Woman Smoking CBD Vape Pen Against Mural
Photo by: Canna Obscura/Shutterstock

Vape products are some of the hottest items on the cannabis market today, and the trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping soon; and why would it? After all, vaping takes pretty much all of the undesirable aspects of smoking concentrates and throws them out the window. There’s no lingering smell of smoke, no breaking up or grinding of nugs, and vapor is significantly easier on the lungs than a big puff of smoke. And for those who want the effects of cannabis without the taste, the range of flavors available in vape cartridges is astonishing.

As new technology becomes popular, consumers have been inundated with a ton of cannabis products. More often than not, you’re faced with an abundance of choices and aren’t sure how to choose a quality product that will function as intended and last a long time. Luckily, this isn’t an issue with pen-style vaporizers. O.penVAPE has you covered.

Why O.pen?

O.PenVAPE LogoTwo words: lifetime warranty. O.penVAPE is serious about the quality of their cannabis products, and if your pen breaks, you can get a replacement free of charge. Also, thanks to the care that goes into making these vape pens, you’re not likely to ever have to worry about that.

One of the edges O.penVAPE has over other brands is their “perfect puff” technology. While many other pens on the market have a five-second pull limit before they overheat, O.pens allow you to draw for up to eight seconds. Since vape pens are notorious for not producing enough vapor for seasoned users, this is a big deal!

Another advantage is ease of use. All of O.pen’s models use a 5-10 threaded battery, so you can just screw in a compatible vape cartridge and go to town. There are no buttons to press, just pull and get rewarded with a nice cloud of vapor.

What Do They Sell?

O.PenVAPE 2.0You can currently choose from two types of O.penVAPE battery. There’s the classic that comes in black, white, or a host of special-edition colors, or the 2.0 battery. The 2.0 has four voltage settings and a rapid charge mode.

O.Pen also sells refillable cartridges that last six months, as well as a DIY kit that will allow you to convert some of your favorite concentrates.

In physical marijuana dispensaries, they partner with Organa Brands to offer cartridges filled with CO2 distillate in a variety of flavors.

Nice! Where Do I Find It?

O.penVAPE is based in Denver, and a ton of great Colorado dispensaries carry their products. Here are three suggestions to give you a head start on your hunt! Each of these shops carries O.penVAPE cannabis products.

  • DANK: This Denver dispensary occasionally carries O.pen cartridges, and you’ll always find battery kits in plenty of colors!
  • High Country Healing: Located in Vail, this shop carries a rotating selection of cartridges from O.penVAPE; although you’ll have to look elsewhere or order online if you need a battery kit.

Next time you consider trying out a vape pen, or need to replace one you already have, be sure to consider achieving the perfect puff with O.penVAPE.

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