Cannabis Flour is Versatile and Easy to Make

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We usually anticipate our baked goods to feature our main ingredient. For example, chocolate chip cookies have chunks of chocolate. The same goes for oatmeal raisin, as well as walnut brownies. The leading flavor tends to be the main attraction, starring in almost every bite.

When it comes to cannabis-infused edibles, however, they are typically made without big chunks of marijuana in them. On the contrary: Canna-chefs, both professional and home bakers, have mastered the art of cooking with weed with more advanced ingredients. This way, their creations don't sacrifice taste to achieve their more herbal goals.

Cannabis flour is one of these star ingredients, which easily and subtly transforms any baked good (or dish, for that matter) into a marijuana creation.

Learn more about this popular trend below.

What is Cannabis Flour?

Cannabis flour is exactly how it sounds: It is ground cannabis, acting as a combining agent – a flour substitute, though sometimes people mix it with conventional flour, depending on preference. It is something that is made at home – though cannabis can definitely be bought from a local dispensary – unlike its counterparts canna-oil or butter. Keep your eyes peeled, though, since the marijuana industry is always evolving, especially where edibles are involved.

Why Use Cannabis Flour?

Opting for weed flour is a wise choice for several reasons. First, it is a great way to integrate marijuana – with all of its effects – into food without sacrificing any taste or consistency. It is subtle, while still being useful and powerful.

Another sell on the pro-cannabis flour train is that making it does not involve causing a stink. Quite literally: People love weed flour compared to oil or butter because they tend to make the entire house smell like marijuana, whereas the flour does not have the same effect. There might be more of a ganja aftertaste, but the odor is almost non-existent in comparison. This is especially nice when it comes to privacy, which can be a big factor for those trying to discreetly enjoy their edibles in the comfort of their homes.

Weed flour is also gluten-free, especially if you opt not to mix your marijuana with any traditional flour. If you have any sensitivities, this is a worthy alternative without the harsh consequences.

Your wallet will thank you since you will be saving money on pre-made edibles. Similar to how you can make a financial difference with home brewing coffee, making cannabis flour allows you to spend less time perusing the edibles aisle at the dispensary, though it is more of a time investment to bake all of your own treats.

Additionally, cannabis flour makes it super easy to adjust the potency of the edible to the baker's will. When goodies are bought from the store, there is just less control over the power that the brownie will punch. At home, though, the baker has a say. Was that last batch of cookies too strong? Next time, you'll know to cut the flour portion down. It might take a little effort and experimentation, but the perfect ratio is yours to discover.

Pro-tip: When using non-cannabis recipes, do not substitute any more than one-fourth of the total flour amount called for in your recipe with weed flour.

How to make cannabis flour

Thankfully, weed flour is very easy to make.

Ingredients wise, you will need dried cannabis flower, a coffee grinder, blender, or spice mill, and a baking sheet.

Here are the steps to make your canna-flour:

  1. Get the oven ready. Preheat your oven to 230 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Prepare your weed. First thing's first: Break up your weed into smaller chunks. During this step, it is important to pick out the seeds and stems that came with the flower. While some people might mix in those additives, taking them out tends to lead to a tastier mix. Also, make sure that your cannabis is completely dry.
  3. Spread it. Take your weed and spread it over a baking sheet evenly.
  4. Bake. Bake the cannabis in the oven for 40 minutes, taking out and stirring every 10. Keep a close eye on the stove and watch for any burning.
  5. Remove weed. Take out the baking sheet and let the flour cool.
  6. Grind it. Place the weed in your grinding device – blender, coffee grinder, spice mill – and work its magic until the bud is turned into a fine powder. Aim for the consistency of wheat flour – super fine.
  7. Store, use, and enjoy. Make sure to store the freshly made cannabis flour in an air-tight, sealed container. It should be kept in a cool and dark place. When you whip it out for recipes – both sweet and savory – enjoy!

Whether you become a cannabis flour fanatic or just swap it for oil or butter every now and then, it is a worthy substitution for any recipe that needs a little marijuana infusion. Look to Leafbuyer for edible recipe inspiration.