Bubble Hash – What It is and How It is Used

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In the cannabis industry that we know today, concentrates are one of the most popular marijuana products on the market. Not many consumers understand what concentrates are and how they evolved into what they are now. While bubble hash may be an older form of a concentrate, the cannabis industry has continued potent, clean, and pure concentrates.

In fact, the history of concentrates began way before legalization was even a reality. Ask any old-timer, what was the most potent marijuana product back in the day? Odds are, they immediately mentioned bubble Hash. Though bubble hash is one of the most classic forms of concentrates, it is still one of the cleanest and safest concentrates available to consumers.

What is Bubble Hash?

With bubble hash being a standard marijuana product that old-school stoners love, not many new timers know what it is.

The extraction method of bubble hash is very different from other processes. Unlike many extractions for shatter, wax and live resin, bubble hash only uses a specific part of the plant called, trichomes. Trichomes are the bright, crystal-like coating that covers the buds. These trichomes contain a majority of the marijuana plant’s active ingredients, such as THC.

Unlike many other forms of concentrates, bubble hash does not use the excess raw-plant material. Bubble hash is all about the trichomes and forgets about the rest. While its potency may not be as high as other forms of concentrates, it is a pure extract without the excess byproducts.

There are no solvents, besides water, used to make bubble hash. Consumers do not need to worry about residual solvents when consuming bubble hash. The same cannot be said for shatter and wax, yet, they are still more popular than bubble hash.

How is Bubble Hash Made?

Bubble hash is a solvent-less, potent, and clean form of concentrates that is commonly confused with wax. The process of creating bubble hash is unlike any other extraction. For many extraction methods for shatter and wax, the actual plant material is soaked in a solvent such as butane or propane.

Bubble hash does not need to be soaked in a solution to pull the cannabinoid out.

To produce top-notch bubble hash, all you need is a lot of marijuana leaves covered in trichomes, a large bucket, a wooden spoon, micron bags, and some ice-water.

Step by Step Process of Making Bubble Hash

  • Freeze the plant material that is rich in trichomes before this process.
  • Prepare your large bucket with your micron bags. (Smallest micron bag goes on first.)
  • Fill a bucket up with water until it is above the screen.
  • You may now pour your frozen material into the bucket.
  • Add trays of large ice cubes into the plant material.
  • Begin mixing the plant material with the ice by stirring with a large wooden spoon for about 15-20 minutes. (This is where the trichomes become separated from the material and start filtering through the micron bags.)
  • Once mixed thoroughly, let the mixture sit for 30 minutes before removing the first bag.
  • Finally, start removing the first-micron bag that contains all of the excess plant material. (Do not squeeze any of the bags while draining. Let them drain naturally to avoid contaminants.)
  • Begin collecting the leftover hash from each micron bag, except for the first couple bags that contain excess material. (Some say an easy trick is to put the bag around a salad bowl to gather the hash.)
  • Repeat steps 8-9 until you have removed all bags and collected all of the leftover bubble hash. It is now time to let your product dry and then lightly press your bubble hash Enjoy!

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The main thing to focus on during this process is putting enough ice in to drop the temperature below 4 degrees Celsius. This is needed to maximize your yield and the quality of your product. For those who do not know what a micron bag is, they are the screens that filter different sized trichome heads and remove contaminants.

This process may be slightly different depending on how many micron bags are used and what size micron bags are used. Be sure to clean all of your micron bags and allow them to dry before folding up. Now that things are cleaned up, and your bubble hash is pressed together get your smoke on!

How is Bubble Hash Smoked?

Bubble hash is perfect for many different methods of smoking weed. Many consumers use bubble hash as a tasty bowl topper to give your flower an extra punch. This is done by merely crumbling your bubble hash over the top of your bowl and lighting it up. Bubble hash is also a great addition to any joint or blunt.

It is not as sticky as shatter and can easily be spread throughout your paper. There are also some consumers who enjoy dabbing their bubble hash with any dab rig or even vape pen. While this is not the most effective method of smoking bubble hash, it does the trick.

Where Can Bubble Hash Be Bought?

Since bubble hash is not the most modern form of concentrates, it is relatively difficult to find quality bubble hash nowadays.  Every legalized state should have some bubble hash available in a few of their dispensaries, but with it being a lower potency than shatter, wax or live resin bubble hash is not always carried by every pot shop. That is why so many people attempt to make their own!



Check with your local dispensary to see if they have some bubble hash on their shelves today!