Three of the Hottest Products for Smoking Marijuana

Those who love smoking marijuana have an increasing number of options available for enjoying the magical cannabis plant. The cannabis industry’s explosion across the United States has triggered an influx of innovators and pioneers that are creating new devices to change the way you get your buzz. Leaders across the spectrum of professions have taken notice of the booming cannabis market and are jumping ship to join the party.

Fire Flames Hottest Cannabis Products
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Combine that with an already thriving group of lifelong cannabis enthusiasts that finally have the opportunity to develop and market their ideas on a wide scale, and you have a marketplace that is constantly churning out new cannabis products for inhaling some fresh marijuana. Let’s take a look at three cool new ways to enjoy your cannabis session:

Glass Blunt

Glass BluntSociety is going paperless, and blunt-smoking is no exception. A new series of glass blunts is all the rage among stoners joining the paperless revolution. While there are multiple options available with a quick internet search, one of the standout brands is clearly The Glass Blunt Store. The company may have perfected the idea with their newest innovation, the Twisty Glass Blunt.

The Twisty Glass Blunt is a three-piece device that contains a glass tube with a large gold twisted screw that doubles as a mouthpiece. Preparing the blunt is quite simple: grind up some herb and put it in the tube, pack it with the twisted gold screw, and then take off the black cap at the other end of the tube. What you will have is a nicely packed glass blunt, ready to be smoked. The screw is designed to double the time it takes for a hit to get from blunt to mouth, resulting in a smoother inhale.

Along with a more pleasant smoke, the glass blunt provides several advantages: You can forget those late-night runs to the gas station to pick up some Phillies. Blunts can now be enjoyed almost instantaneously, without having to clean up a bunch of tobacco shreds afterward. There are fewer worries about your buddy spitting a little too much on the blunt wrap. The best part? Glass blunts can be purchased for below $10 in many places, and even Walmart sells them.


V4 PlushConsider V4/PLUSH, the Maserati of vaporizers. This thing is super-advanced, and it also has a stylish upscale design. The V4/PLUSH has an all-glass pathway, which makes for a better smoke. It also has a choice of five temperature controls, depending on how you like your herb. It’s always a good time to experiment with the different temperatures and taste more nuances in the terpenes. The V4/PLUSH also uses Dynamic Conduction Technology that evenly heats flower to help accentuate the terps and make your smoke taste great.

You can store two-thirds of a gram of herb in the V4 chamber. It is the lightest vaporizer on the market, weighing in at just 2.9 ounces. It comes with a host of special features, including its curvy, ergonomic design, the stainless-steel filter for its built-in magnetic glass mouthpiece, and LED lights that communicate temperature settings and battery life. Speaking of the battery, it’s a lithium-ion with a long life, and the V4/PLUSH automatically shuts off after five minutes of inactivity so it doesn’t drain in your pocket.

The V4 carries a price tag of about $150, which is certainly reasonable considering that vaporizers can go for upwards of $300 apiece. Along with the vaporizer itself, the V4/PLUS comes with two glass mouthpieces and metal filters, a packing tool, cleaning brush, tweezers, USB charger, and A/C adapter. It’s a nice tool if you want a high-quality vape that is super-discreet and is priced moderately.

24K Gold Shine Papers

Shine 24k Gold Rolling PapersDo you want getting high to feel like Las Vegas? Take a look at Shine’s 24k gold rolling papers, and your life will never be the same. Order a pack of 12 papes from Amazon and have them delivered to your door. The papers carry a hefty price tag of $37, but a certificate of authenticity is included so you know you’re not dealing with fool’s gold.

There are countless special occasions where some gold joints might be appropriate. A ladies’ night out on the town? An evening at the casino, rolling some dice and playing blackjack with your best buds? Celebrating a promotion or raise at the office? Or just a classy treat to go along with some Netflix and chill? “I got these for my husband, he used them as groomsman gifts at his bachelor party,” one reviewer stated. “The guys loved them and let’s be real, gold joints are pretty damn sexy.”

Shine’s 24k gold papers burn much slower than your typical rolling papers, so the celebration can be extended. When the joint is finished, there will be remnants of gold in the ashtray. So if loud hip hop, champagne, and late-night fiestas are your thing, consider raising the bar with 24k gold. You could be the talk of the town, the biggest star on the block, the leader of the pack.

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