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Blue Dream Strain

Blue dream is a legendary strain originating in California that has gained significant popularity on the west coast and in Colorado. Also known as the ?Bayer of Cannabis?, this sativa dominant strain is known for its ability to relieve headaches and other minor physical ailments. Packed with a sweet berry flavor and a blueberry aroma, you can expect pain relief and relaxation in a matter of minutes, along with a clear headed and euphoric cerebral effect.


medicinal use Stress


medicinal use Pain - General


medicinal use Depression



strain flavor Sweet


strain flavor Blueberry


strain flavor Fruity



strain effect Euphoria


strain effect Happy


strain effect Uplifted

Long ago, in California, a cannabis cultivator crossed Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze to create the Grade A marijuana strain better known as Blue Dream. The offspring of this cross created a sativa dominant strain with some similar bodily effects to an indica strain. Although the exact origin of this strain is a mystery, it is believed to have first appeared in Northern California, in the coastal community of Santa Cruz.

Blue dream has since created a significant, almost legendary, status among strains across the country. It's a fan favorite, and is Washington State's most popular strain. Blue Dream offers several different effects that bring together the best properties of a good sativa strain and a good indica strain so that you can go on with your day pain free, making it a great choice for medical patients. As a result of all this popularity, you can find Blue Dream pretty much everywhere.

Blue Dream brings together full-body relaxation and a gentle cerebral effect, which makes it popular among new and veteran consumers alike. The high starts out as a relaxing body high that will slowly ease you into a pleasant and mild euphoria.

Blue Dream smells like a sweet summer berry, due to its Blueberry parentage. It can give you quick pain relief without sedating you, like most indica strains. Medically, it's a great strain for patients in need of relief from pain, depression and nausea who need medicine during the day without getting a couch locked feeling.

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain offers mental clarity that comes along with a general feeling of happiness and contentedness. The cerebral effect is also sought out for its ability to treat depression with its uplifting mental properties. Due to its Blueberry indica parentage, you can also expect to experience a relaxing body high that will soothe muscle aches and pains, treat nausea, headaches, arthritis, and other minor physical ailments that require a large dose of THC. Blue Dream does cause dry mouth and eyes, so be sure to stay hydrated when you smoke it.

If you're growing Blue Dream, you'll see the best results growing from soil. The aroma is sweet, floral and fruity when done properly, and it should taste floral or fruity, like grapes or lavender. The plants root and sprout quickly and produce massive yields, but the vegetative stage will take the longest. Between 55-65 days, the plant will pick up the pace for the flowering stage. Like a sativa, Blue Dream plants will stretch and branch out and become heavily laden with potent, THC rich flowers with blue and purple hues. The dense popcorn nugs will be covered in orange hairs, and you can harvest at 8-9 weeks.

Everyone grows Blue Dream a little differently, and for this reason some plants appear like indica plants and are have short, wide leaves. However, true Blue Dream grows like a sativa, and grows tall with narrow leaves. This is why blue dream has become one of the world's most counterfeit strains.

Overall, Blue Dream is a well balanced strain that offers a relaxing body high along with a clear and euphoric cerebral effect. Because it has the better properties of both indicas and sativas, it is a popular choice among patients looking for positive mental effects and pain relief.

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