53c25540c8b93ea92856a1883da99358_400x400The current #1 tennis player in the world was not amused by a funny smell permeating the stadium in his recent matches at the Rogers Open in Montreal.

Novak Djokovic complained multiple times in two separate matches to umpires about a very pungent cannabis smell wafting through the spectators’ stands in two of his matches in the Canadian tournament.

“Somebody’s getting high,” he says to an umpire. “No, honestly… The whole stadium smells.”

Always the joker, Djokovic made some toking gestures throughout the match to highlight his frustration.

You can’t believe how bad it was,” Djokovic said, per Fox Sports in Australia. “Whoever it is, he’s pretty high and I hope he doesn’t come back tomorrow because it’s a pretty bad smell. I didn’t enjoy it much.”

Djokovic notably won both of his matches where he claimed to smell cannabis.

While cannabis is legalized throughout the US and other countries, it will be interesting to see how the conflict pans out between smokers and people who just don’t want to be around weed. This could become a slightly larger problem if cannabis smoking is legalized in certain private clubs or bars.

We’ll just all have to work it out together, because the legalization train isn’t slowing down.