5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Legal Weed

When was the last time you asked your dealer “Where is this from?” and he actually knew the answer? Probably never. Black market cannabis usually contains nasty chemicals and pesticides, and often molds, mildews, and other harmful agents. Regulated, legal weed, however, is grown with significant care and oversight. In Colorado, licensed dispensaries can have their plants taken away, or can even get shut down if they are caught using unsafe pesticides or have an unclean growing space

Legal Cannabis Makes Roads Safer

Many anti-weed proponents stated that legalizing cannabis would greatly increase the number of car crashes in the country. The assumption is that more stoned drivers, like drunk drivers, would cause more accidents.

However, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation, highway fatalities are lower since the full legalization of marijuana.

Many people argue this is because the psychoactive effects of pot are very different than alcohol and that, while high, drivers may be more focused. Regardless, the driving laws are the same as with alcohol and driving under the influence in any way is strictly illegal.

More Research Needs to Be Done On Cannabis


Since legalization in Colorado and Washington, some new doors have been opened for researching the potential health benefits of cannabis consumption.

There are still crippling restrictions limiting the ability for American scientists to study cannabis and its benefits and risks.

One Plant Can Be Worth Over $5,000

According to many legal cannabis producers, one large plant can yield up to two pounds, worth over $5,000. That adds up quickly for large-scale commercial growers who produce tens of thousands of plants every few months.

Legal Cannabis Decreases Prescription Drug Deaths

CTV News reported that a 2014 poll showed a 25% decrease in prescription-related deaths in areas where cannabis has been legalized. With the widespread legalization of medicinal and recreational marijuana, states are seeing a dramatic decrease in the abuse of other drugs across all ages.