Where to Find Hemp Seeds in Denver

Hemp Farm

Hemp Seeds DenverDenver, Colorado is at the heart of the cannabis boom along the Rocky Mountain Range. However, marijuana products are not the only resources that ganjapreneurs cultivate throughout the state. Hemp and cannabis seeds’ historical connection continues to grow in the state’s legalized cannabis market and the agricultural hemp industry. While both seeds come from the Cannabis Sativa L plant species, Westword reporter Morgan Smith notes that “years of breeding and manipulation resulted in the emergence of two varieties: one for medicinal and spiritual purposes, the other for agricultural and industrial uses.”

Marijuana’s psychoactive tendencies and high THC percentages reinforce its medicinal properties. However, hemp seeds and fibers are cultivated from the stalk of the plant and legally must not possess more than 0.3% THC. Hemp farmers also intentionally grow stronger, taller, and narrower plants. With marijuana legalization being embraced by states, hemp is once again gaining social recognition for its impressive capacity as a viable agricultural crop.

News broke last year that Colorado was the first state to certify hemp seeds which are made in the state. Agricultural officials showed off their first batch of certified hemp seed in September 2016 after years of research by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Even before legalization efforts in the 2010s, state officials worked to churn out consistent products with low THC levels to qualify as hemp and not marijuana, hemp’s heady and psychoactive counterpart. Officials view certification as the first step to fostering a thriving hemp industry in Colorado. As of the article’s publication, there are six certified varieties that are all tailored for high-altitude production.

Local Colorado tokers interested in the product’s viability can first get started by looking for the product. Here are a few local suggestions for where to start your growing hemp seed project:

Grow Hemp Colorado

Hemp FarmGrow Hemp Colorado is a hemp farming resource offers information about developing hemp laws, agricultural practices, and burgeoning businesses. Farmers looking to become verified hemp sellers can apply to sell their products on the online platform, as well. Visitors to the website can also purchase viable hemp seeds in bulk from different farmers across the state. The online store also offers various other hemp products, from teas to topicals, from other Colorado producers.

Herbs and Arts

The East Colfax store offers a mystifying selection of herbs, oils, incense, candles, salts, jewelry, and accessories. Herbs and Arts has aided the Denver area since 1993 and is locally renowned for its charming staff and affordable annual sales. Customers report that the “hippie-friendly” joint fills to the brim with “hidden goodies” that can lean to the expensive side. Herbs and Arts can also ship bulk herb products, including hemp seeds, to customers from its online and brick-and-mortar stores. Organic and hulled hemp seeds are available online for $3 an ounce. Currently, the seeds from a sativa cannabis hemp plant are available.


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Article by: Camila Navarrette