4016980879_01e4ba116b_bBeing completely consumed by the amazing movement that IS the legalization of marijuana across the nation, I almost forgot about the other communities of the world that have had legal cannabis institutions for quite some time now. For instance, did you know about the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and the coffee shops in Amsterdam serving up lattes with a side of reefer.

Did you know that the coffee shops in Amsterdam are actually public and open to anyone at any given time? They are commercialized as they have been open for several decades. Cannabis in Amsterdam has become a staple commodity for several local residents and visiting smokers a like. You walk in, order your afternoon happiness, pay with cash then go on about your day. No personal information is exchanged, no paperwork, no drama. Grab your dank and leave. Little did everyone (and I mean, me) know that marijuana is illegal in Amsterdam. It seems to be one of those “bigger fish to fry” moments, that, or they’re basking in the revenue that tourists bring. Back to the matter at hand, you can also buy all of the accessories as well: grinders, papers, bongs and edibles!

Just like night clubs in the states, cannabis clubs in Barcelona range in luxury and size. From multi-level plush and fancy spaces to fold-out-chair, dingy single rooms, these clubs aren’t treated equally. Regardless of the interior design and layout, cannabis clubs in Barcelona are restrictive and private. New members are welcome only through a referral program by existing members. Just like any private, restricted membership, you pay your dues, and in this case, your “dues” go towards your share of the facility, related utilities, and of course cultivation and grow procedures. To become a part of these membership-only cannabis clubs, you need an ID (or valid passport) and mailing address in Spain. Already one step ahead of you, no, you cannot use your hostel address. Residential addresses are encouraged, but don’t fret – as a birdy told me they may not require you to prove you actually live there.

The upside? Your “dues” pay for your marijuana! No more standing in line making small talk with anyone an arms-length away. Careful though, while you can take your weed with you when you leave, smoking in public can make you vulnerable to ticketing and consequences via law officials.

Whether you plan on visiting Denver, Amsterdam or Barcelona, know what you’re getting yourself into, read up on the local laws and find out which direction would be the most cost effective for your budget. If you’re interested in staying in the states, check out Colorado and be sure to take a peek at the Leafbuyer deals that will definitely save you some green on your green. Just smoke it in the privacy of your own fancy hotel room, where you make the rules and set your own “membership” prices.