From rappers to reality television stars, this list of celebrities who are both named after cannabis and endorse their cannabis strains will definitely keep your eyebrows raised.

Of course there are the classics, like Snoop Dogg, who has hybrids and indicas like Snoop’s Dream and Snoop Dogg OG, running through LivWell dispensaries all throughout Colorado. Also, let’s not forget Wiz Khalifa and his Khalifa Kush and partnership with RAW Rolling Papers!

On the other hand, there are some celebrities I wasn’t aware of until just recently, that are currently sliding through the cannabis scene collecting checks as we speak. For instance, Bethenny Frankel. Who is she you ask? Well, she appeared on The Apprentice: Martha Stewart, The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Ever After. She is also the author of four self-help books and she also founded Skinnygirl Cocktails. As we walk down this guilty path of not knowing who this woman was, we arrive upon one of her newere ventures: Skinnygirl Marijuana. Even after she sold her Skinnygirl line of low-calorie alcoholic beverages (vodkas, wines, every other delicious alcoholic denomination), to Beam Inc., she continues to partner with them to expand the brand further by cultivating new marijuana strains. How will Skinnygirl Marijuana hold up to the “skinny” facade? By eliminating the munchies, that’s how.

Who else is in the industry? Kevin Smith! Your favorite director and laid-back comedian! This guy helped generate a partnership with an LA dispensary to get a few cannabis strains created called: Mr. Tusk and White Walrus. Why you ask? For a movie, of course.

This oldie but goodie, Tommy Chong has been in the marijuana mix for quite some time, and he’s definitely a classic, but he recently released a new product. Tommy Chong’s Smoke Swipe consists of dry clothing wipes that you rub against your clothes to help eliminate the odor of marijuana and even tobacco.

Now, don’t confuse the strains of cannabis that are solely named after celebrities with those celebrities who have endorsed the very strains. Take Tiger Woods for an example, there’s a Hybrid floating around called, you guessed it, Tiger Woods. Some assume Woods is an avid cannabis consumer, but who’s to really say? Also, the Stevie Wonder Hybrid is in shelves near you, but has nothing to do with the amazingly soulful singer and song writer. As far as we know, anyways. This next indica doesn’t come as a surprise: Obama Kush. Named after our current president, Barack Obama, known for puff-puff-passing in college, it was only a matter of time before someone dared.

Good ol Charlie Sheen is definitely aware that there is a hybrid strain called: Charlie Sheen, sitting in locked cabinets in dispensaries throughout the land. This strain is known to keep its fans mellow, calm and very relaxed!

I thought to mention the Hybrid strain, Blue Ivy, but in all respects to Queen Bey and her daughter, I’m not going to go there.