What are Marijuana Mints? How Might They Affect You?

marijuana mints on mint leaves with blue background

Small, refreshing, and surprisingly powerful: marijuana mints are a fresh take on the age-old concept of edible weed products. Just when we thought we had seen it all, from special brownies to weed-infused haute cuisine, marijuana mints changed the game. Edibles aren't just delicious anymore; they're practical too!

Marijuana mints are gaining popularity fast in the cannabis community. And why shouldn't they? Compact, affordable, and tasty to boot, weed mints aren't just a passing trend. In fact, their mild high and non-weedy flavor even attracts non-stoners to the product.

So, what are marijuana mints, and why are they being so well received? Stoners like them, non-stoners like them — and anyone who doesn't like weed mints probably just hasn't tried one.

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What Are Marijuana Mints Like?

Edibles are judged by two basic factors: flavor and potency. We can all agree that no good edible tastes bad, which is why the market for tasty cannabis treats is booming. The potency of an edible, however, leaves more room for personal preference. Whatever you prefer, here's the breakdown on marijuana mints:

The Taste Of Marijuana Mints

Imagine a mint. It's tiny, probably white, and tastes vaguely like toothpaste (in the best possible way, of course). So what are marijuana mints in relation to normal, everyday mints? They taste, as the name 'marijuana mint' suggests, just like a mint! And like most mints, weed mints come in a variety of flavors.

Most marijuana mint products mask the taste of cannabis well. You could probably detect a hint of weed if you really tried, but the overall effect is decidedly more minty-fresh than weedy.

The High From Marijuana Mints

When it comes to the high, what are marijuana mints like compared to other edibles? While most edibles are hard to gauge when it comes to dosage, marijuana mints make controlling your high easy. Usually produced with 5 or 10 mg of THC, mints aren't all that potent on their own. This makes them perfect for new or casual cannabis consumers. Eat one mint or five, the choice is up to you! And with marijuana mints, you aren't as likely to end up too high to function.

Depending on how many mints you take, your high could last anywhere from an hour to a good part of a day (if you eat a ton). Like all edibles, marijuana mints take a while to kick in. You should start feeling the effects around the one hour mark after your body has had time to properly absorb the herb.

As mild as the mints are, first-time marijuana mint consumers should take it easy to start. They may seem tiny and innocuous, but any edible should be treated with caution. You can always take more, but you can't go back in time and take less!

What Are The Benefits Of Marijuana Mints?

At this point, you might be thinking, "marijuana mints seem cool, but are they really all that great compared to other products?" The answer to that depends entirely on what you consider important in your weed edibles. Either way, marijuana mints do come with some indisputable benefits:

  • Functional: Unlike just about every other edible, marijuana mints serve a dual purpose. Yes, they get you stoned and taste good (as most edibles do), but they also come with all the benefits of a real mint! What other edible weed product serves a purpose other than getting you stoned. Not very many. Marijuana mints are breaking ground as some of the first functional edibles. What's next, edible teeth-whitening strips? We'll all find out soon enough!
  • Compact: Unless you're hauling around a fully grown cannabis plant, chances are your weed products don't take up that much space. Maybe you use a drawer, or a bag, or a shoebox to store all your miscellaneous weed paraphernalia. These mints don't even need that. Like normal mints, marijuana mints are made for easy storage. Your purse, backpack, or even your pocket are big enough to stash some edible mints. Just don't keep them where children or pets can get access (they're still edibles, don't forget).
  • Discreet: There's nothing discreet about most methods of cannabis consumption. Colorful glassware, a distinctly skunk-like smell, and veritable smoke signals don't exactly lend to subtlety, after all. But what are marijuana mints if not completely discreet? You could easily spend an entire family reunion eating them in plain sight, no one the wiser. Just make sure you don't let grandma have one by mistake.

Should You Consider Buying Marijuana Mints?

You should absolutely consider buying weed mints! Not only are they reasonably priced (especially for edibles), they're also unique enough to warrant trying at least once. What are marijuana mints if not novel, after all? And who knows, you may end up liking weed mints more than the regular, weedless variety. You'll never know 'till you give it a try!