From Tinctures to Beverages, Here Are 5 Types of Liquid Marijuana

liquid marijuana cola

In 2018, there is really no need to consume cannabis by smoking. One of the leading arguments against cannabis consumption is that smoking any plant matter can harm your lungs. For those who want to experience cannabis discretely, safely, and have the ultimate control over their dosage, liquid marijuana is an excellent alternative to smoking.

Types of Liquid Marijuana

There are several different types of liquid marijuana to choose from, and products range from cannabis-infused coffee to traditional herbal tinctures. Liquid marijuana products are usually taken orally, but some options, including Rick Simpson oil, can be applied topically. Here are five of the most popular types of liquid marijuana – ask you local dispensary about them!


Pull aside any cannabis enthusiast and they will surely tell you – liquid cannabis was one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis before it was made illegal in the United States in 1937. At one point in time, American physicians frequently prescribed medical cannabis tinctures to patients for almost anything that ailed them. In states where cannabis is legal, tinctures remain a popular medical option for those that can’t or don’t want to smoke.

You can make cannabis tinctures by soaking cannabis flower in high-proof alcohol or glycerin. One benefit to tinctures is that they are incredibly discreet and fast acting. They have little to no odor, are easy to store, and offer easy dosage control. Additionally, tinctures are considered one of the safest ways to consume marijuana just because it poses no threat to the lungs. However, the same can be said about marijuana beverages.

Cannabis Beverages

Walk into any dispensary and you are sure to find a bevy of amazing, liquid marijuana beverages. These days, it’s pretty amazing what companies have infused with cannabis. Here are some examples of cannabis beverages you might recognize:

Keef Cola & Sparkling Water

Keef Cola is a Colorado brand that produces soda and sparkling water beverages that are infused with cleanly-extracted cannabis. They have a variety of products to choose from, including classic cola flavors that range in dosage from 10mg to 100 mg of THC.

Aside from the original cola flavor, you can also get cannabis-infused grape soda, root beer, blue raspberry soda, and orange soda. If you’re not about that sugar lifestyle, you can also get their sparkling water in various citrus and fruit flavors.

Canna Punch

Another tasty form of liquid marijuana comes from Canna Punch. This Colorado-made beverage is one of the most popular in the state! You can take your pick of elixirs like Grand Daddy Grape, Black Cherry Fusion, and Watermelon Nectar. Or, if you are a big fan of sativa, you can try out their energizing Sons of Sativa line.

These drinks are 100% vegan and organic and rev you up just like an energy drink.

Cannabis Teas & Cannabis Coffee

One of the beauties of liquid marijuana is that it can be infused into almost anything ? even your beloved coffee and tea. One brand that sells some amazing cold brew coffee shots is marQaha.

The coffee shots are part of their flasQ line, which are little, sealed shots of coffee or tea that are infused with cannabis. Other options from the line include Lemonade Black Tea and Blueberry Chamomile Tea

CO2 Oil

While it might not look like it at first glance, vape pens are a method of consuming liquid marijuana. CO2 oil is a marijuana concentrate that is made using special extractors, pressure, and carbon dioxide as a solvent to separate that crystal-like resin from cannabis flower. The amber-colored oil is then mixed with medical grade polypropylene glycol, packed into a cartridge, and smoked through a vaporizer pen.

Vaporizer pens and CO2 oil cartridges can be purchased in your local dispensary, and they’re very popular because they can be used out in public discretely. The smoke that comes off of a vaporizer pen dissipates quickly and doesn’t carry nearly as much odor as a joint. Additionally, it’s pretty hard for onlookers to tell the difference between a nicotine vaporizer and a cannabis vaporizer.

Butane Hash Oil

Another form of liquid marijuana is butane hash oil. However, it is a little more like a sticky sap than oil. This marijuana concentrate is usually consumed by dabbing, and the THC content can be as high as 80%. However, you do want to be careful when purchasing BHO and always look for a product that has been lab-tested for trace amounts of butane.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

Rick Simpson Oil gets it’s name from Rick Simpson, a man who treated his skin cancer in 2003 using a homemade cannabis oil. The process for making RSO is very similar to tinctures. You just steep the flower in pure naphtha or isopropyl alcohol to draw out the therapeutic properties of the plant. The result is an oil that can be taken orally or put directly on your skin. Like all other forms of liquid marijuana, RSO can be tailor-made into custom blends that contain high THC or none at all. CBD RSO oil is very popular for many cannabis beauty products.