Weed Milk

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Wake and Bake: Adding Weed Milk to your Breakfast Cereal – Have you ever wanted Frosted Flakes for breakfast and wished you didn’t have to bother finding your pipe to get high?

Weed Milk

If you smoke a joint, pull out a pipe and stuff your bowl full of cannabis flower, or if you’ve considered delving into edibles, then read on!

If you are sensitive to a cough that can come along with smoking marijuana and would rather enjoy a cool drink, then follow this weed milk recipe:

Weed Milk Recipe

First off let’s talk shopping list…

  • 1 pint whole milk (You can also use 1-2 cups milk, or swap one-quarter cup heavy cream mixed with whole milk)
  • Half a gram (.5g) of leaf marijuana per cup of milk
  • 1 fine strainer (Cheese cloth or a coffee filter can be substituted) to remove the flower once you finish baking
  • 1 glass or ceramic oven safe pan to decarb the flower
  • 1 stove-top pan with a smaller sauce pan that fits just inside.
  • Aluminum foil

Step 1: Grind up your marijuana of choice

Use a grinder to reduce the particle size of your flower and add surface area. Don’t forget to remove any sticks or stems.

Step 2: Decarb your weed flower

Line your oven-safe glass pan with aluminum foil. Put the ground up flower on the glass pan in the oven pre-heated to 240-250F for 30 minutes.

Decarboxylation = THCA -> THC. As a precursor from THCA to THC, the release of carbon dioxide is the same thing that happens when you light up flower in your pipe.

The same process happens when you make cannabis-butter (think brownies) or add hash then cook in the oven.

The converted THCA -> THC will get you obliterated. Use oven mitts to remove the decarbed flower from the oven. The green color of your leaf should have a light brown stain on it.

Step 3: Heat milk up in a double boiler or water filled sauce pan with your weed milk in a second pan over it on the stove. Add your weed. Be sure to keep from boiling and stir the weed milk often.

Heat up the water with whole milk in a second pan above the water filled saucepan to just before boiling on low heat.

Do not let the milk or water boil.

Cook for 30 minutes.

Milk selection is important! Do not use 2% as the fat content is a bonding agent for your freshly decarbed flower. Buy a small amount of whole milk just to try the first time you cook weed milk from this recipe.

THC doesn’t dissolve in water (think about the dirty water full of chunks on the bottom of your water bong. Remember the last time you cleaned it? That is another reason why you want to get cleaning chemicals for your glass water-pipe.)

Step 4: Strain

Using a fine mesh strainer like cheese cloth or a coffee filter (if you must), pour the contents of strain the weed milk to pull out the flower particles and pour the remainder into a glass jar and put the contents back in your fridge.

Once the weed milk cools you will have a final product that should concentrate the high you get from smoking weed into a cool treat you can mix with chocolate or strawberry syrup, pour on your breakfast cereal or mix with an iced coffee blend.

The best weed milk takes advantage of the fat in the milk. For an extra punch you can use weed butter and mix the butter in with the cannamilk recipe to even further concentrate your high.

Step 5: Refrigerate

Refrigerate the weed milk and let set overnight or until cool to avoid gulping a mouthful of steaming hot weed milk.

Kick back and enjoy sipping on your THC in a way that allows you the edible tea drinking experience without the complications of cooking pot brownies.

Be careful not to gulp the entire glass all at once! You may end up getting sucked into the couch and skipping your responsibilities. Each person’s tolerance will vary.