How to Make Canna Oil

You can’t make out of this world edibles if you can’t make canna-oil. Knowing how to make canna oil is a fundamental skill for any cannabis kitchen. There are several methods you can use, as well as several types of oils you can use if you want to have more variety in your edibles. Here are two methods to get you started.

How To Make Canna Oil

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that this process takes a lot of time, roughly seven or eight hours to be exact, and you must be able to pay close attention to the process. You don’t want to waste a bunch of weed if you can help it. Another thing to consider is how much weed you’re going to need, and how much that weed is going to cost you. Your desired potency is dependent on how much weed you’ll need to buy. If you want to make weed oil super potent, expect to buy a lot of weed. Infusion is the most difficult part of cooking with cannabis, so don’t get discouraged if you mess up a batch or two

The Basics:

You’ll need

  • Cannabis flowers, frosty trim, frosty leaves, etc. (A good rule of thumb is 2 parts oil to one part cannabis. Adjust the amount of plant matter and oil as needed.)
  • Cooking oil of your choosing. Vegetable or Canola is usually the go-to, but coconut oil is fine too. THC sticks to fat. The more fat content in the oil you select, the more potent your product will be when you go to make weed oil
  • Strainer
  • Food processor or grinder
  • Double-boiler, saucepan, crock pot, etc.

Method 1: Crock Pot

The easiest way to make canna oil is to use a slow cooker, because it requires little actual intervention from you. The only issue is that it stinks up the place. Heating oil combined with cannabis is not a great smell, and it’s something to keep in mind if you have a landlord or you’re really close to all of your neighbors.

The Steps:

  • Grind up your bud using your food processor or trusty grinder. Anything small enough to fit through your strainer will end up in the finished oil, so if you’re using flower or pieces of the actual cannabis plant, be sure to remove them before you start.
  • Put the cannabis and the oil into the crock pot. For every ounce of weed, add 2 cups of oil to the slow cooker.
  • Make sure all of the cannabis is soaked through with the oil
  • Heat on the lowest setting for 4 hours, and cool for 8.
  • Repeat the heating and cooling process 2 or 3 times to achieve maximum potency
  • Use the mesh strainer to sift out the remaining cannabis, and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Method 2: Stovetop

This method to make weed oil is a lot faster than the previous method, but it does require a lot of attention from you. Like the Crock pot method, this method still stinks up your house, so you have to be careful where you do it and for how long.

The Steps:

  • Grind up the cannabis
  • Put the cannabis and the oil in a saucepan on low.
  • Let the oil simmer but NEVER boil, and stir constantly
  • Simmer for an hour or two, depending on how long you want to pay attention to it and how potent you want it to be.
  • Let it cool and strain. Store in an airtight container in the fridge.

It’s not so hard really! It’s a pretty straightforward process. Now you know how to make canna oil, and you can start producing edibles you’ve only been able to dream about before now!