Mango Kush is an indica hybrid strain crossbred from the Mango strain and the Hindu Kush strain. The plant takes about 1o weeks to flower and can flourish in both an indoor or outdoor environment.

Mango Kush only grows to about 5 feet high and the flowers are covered with fuzzy bright orange pistils. Both the scent and taste of sweet mangos from Mango Kush is enough to turn any frown upside down. You’ll feel like you’re in the tropics without a care in the world with this fruity delicious strain.

Flavors and Effects

This indica-dominant strain can knock you out if you have too much of it, but at the right dosage you can expect to be happy, relaxed, and euphoric with an enhanced sense of amusement. Hints of pine and banana can also be tasted in Mango Kush, and it is best to have some finger foods nearby because most people will get hungry after ingesting it.

After having some Mango Kush, you may feel talkative and gitty, which will gradually convert into a nice and relaxed body high with a heightened appetite. The effects of Mango Kush last about two to three hours and it is a great strain for parties and socializing, where laughter and the munchies are right at home. Heavy eyes are sure to follow because sleepiness usually comes after the munchies with this strain. Many people become sedentary and couch-locked once the euphoric effects start to wear off and the drowsiness sets in.

Strength and Negatives

Smoking Marijuana Mango Kush Strain
Photo by: Tunatura/Shutterstock
Mango Kush is among one of the stronger cannabis strains. Newer users should use caution when trying Mango Kush because of its high THC content. Many users describe feeling sleepy and completely sedentary after the first time trying this strain. Since Mango Kush can have more than 16 percent THC content, new users should opt for a lower dosage. Experienced users should also start out slow with this one. It is best to try it the first time when you have no tasks to complete afterward. Negative side effects include anxiety, cotton mouth, dizziness, and paranoia.


Where to Get It

Mango Kush is mostly available in California, Oregon, and Washington. If you are visiting or live in one of these states, you might want to add Mango Kush to your shopping list to unwind after a long day.