Marijuana Laws in Pueblo, Colorado

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Pueblo, Colorado used to be known as “Steel City” because it was once an industrial stronghold comprised of a town of steelworkers who were employed by the Colorado Fuel and Iron company, according to The Guardian. Times have certainly changed since then, though, because recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2014, which resulted in an influx of people moving to Pueblo to live affordably and obtain a job in the marijuana industry. However, this turned out to be more of a challenge than people had initially imagined. In this article, we review Pueblo’s marijuana laws and guide you to the best recreational marijuana in the city.

Background of Pueblo, Colorado

In 1982, Pueblo was one of the cities that suffered from the steel-market crash, and they’ve struggled to recover since then, especially because their unemployment rate was as high as 7.2 percent at one point, according to The Guardian. However, after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2014, a lot of people moved to Pueblo in search of employment in this burgeoning industry. Some people view the legal marijuana industry as a boon for the struggling local economy, and they assume that it has the potential to be the Silicon Valley of marijuana, as also stated by The Guardian.

While Colorado’s legal marijuana industry is taking off, Pueblo continues to experience lots of newcomers, which has its pros and cons.

Marijuana Revenue Success

On another note, in June of 2015, Colorado recorded $60.7 million in recreational marijuana sales, and during Pueblo County’s first year of legal sales in 2014, marijuana brought in a whopping $16.28 million, which resulted in $1.3 million in sales tax and licensing fees, according to The Guardian. Thus, it’s safe to say that Pueblo is raking in a lot of cash that’ll help support the city, its community centers, and nearby public schools.

Pueblo‘s Progress with Recreational Marijuana

The marijuana laws in Pueblo, Colorado are similar to other Colorado cities like Denver because they allow licensed dispensaries to sell both medical and recreational marijuana. However, children under the age of eighteen can obtain medical marijuana as long as they have a caregiver who will buy the cannabis for them.

Pueblo has experienced a lot of recent success due to their wide variety of recreational marijuana stores that are open for business for customers over the age of twenty-one. A handful of marijuana dispensaries that are currently open for business include The Spot 420, Nature’s Gift Shop, Canna Cabinet, Colorado Best Budz, Doctors Orders, and Maggie’s Farm in Pueblo East & West, but the list goes on.

Recent Changes to Pueblo’s Marijuana Laws

On February 23rd of 2015, Pueblo’s city council approved of home grows for recreational users, which was a huge move. The new rules consisted of allowing medical and recreational users to grow marijuana in an enclosed and ventilated space that’s no larger than 100 square feet. However, caregivers are able to apply to get approved for larger grows, according to Westword. In general, growing marijuana outdoors and/or placing a greenhouse on one’s property remains illegal, and growing marijuana anywhere other than one’s primary residence is also illegal.

Marijuana Bud Up Close Trichomes
Photo by: aastock/Shutterstock
Regardless of these rules, Pueblo’s city council requested an ordinance review that would allow people to legally have greenhouses on their own property, which shows that Pueblo is on board with having people grow their own cannabis on their own property. Also, caregivers are able to cultivate marijuana for up to five medical patients, but anyone who wants to grow their own marijuana must register with the Pueblo city police department first, as stated by Westword.

Strawberry Fields Dispensary

As mentioned above, Pueblo has a variety of recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries scattered throughout the city, including Strawberry Fields, a dispensary chain that deeply believes in above-and-beyond customer service and affordable prices. Strawberry Fields uses organic methods when growing their products, and they focus on quality and care for their clientele so that they can provide the finest cannabis around.

If you’re interested in checking out Strawberry Fields and their exquisite award-winning products, you can visit them at their Pueblo Central or Pueblo North locations.

Basic Contact Information:
Strawberry Fields Pueblo Central
Address: 4116 Nature Center Road, Pueblo, CO
Phone number: 719-471-2837 (Extension 4)

Strawberry Fields in Pueblo North
Address: 2285 N. Interstate 25, Pueblo, CO
Phone number: 719-471-2837 (Extension 5)

Next time you’re in and/or near Pueblo, Colorado, take advantage of their legal recreational marijuana law, and try out different marijuana products at Strawberry Fields and/or other nearby quality dispensaries.

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