Smoking at Concerts (and Not Getting Caught)

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There's nothing quite like going to a concert. When you catch a show an indoor venue, you can feel the pulse of the bass through the soles of your shoes and vibrating through your bones. If there's room, people are dancing, headbanging, fist-pumping, or straight up moshing. It can be sweaty and loud, but it's an exhilarating experience. When the outdoor concerts come to town, the summer air and soft breeze make for a refreshing change of scenery. And if you've got the right crowd, you'll have people dancing, laughing, smiling, and talking together.

But whether you're in an indoor arena or an outdoor amphitheater, one thing is for sure: Someone, somewhere in that crowd, is getting high. This is especially true if you live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, though it's not uncommon at concert venues across the country, regardless of marijuana laws. Most of the people you see (or smell) smoking at concerts are doing so to enhance their experience. Are you looking to do the same? Here are some great ways to be discreet with your cannabis products at concerts and music festivals.*

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Eating marijuana edibles is definitely the most inconspicuous way to get high at a concert. They're portable, they're potent, and they're totally discreet. Pack some mints in your pocket or a brownie in your purse and you'll be flying high for the night! (Note: some edibles can take up to two hours to kick in, so don't expect the high to hit you right away.)

Just make sure you know how edibles affect you, and keep an eye on your dosage. Getting too high when you're surrounded by strangers and loud music can definitely ruin an experience.


Tinctures can help you get high in public if you're not ready to commit to actually smoking at concerts. Add a couple of drops to your water (lots of venues won't let you bring your own beverages, so wait until you get inside), or drop them right into your mouth. Tinctures are quick, simple, and usually pretty tasty to boot. And – bonus – they kick in faster than regular edibles.

The only watch-out for using tinctures to get high at a concert is to make sure you're dosing properly and inconspicuously. There are few things more disconcerting than watching a complete stranger in the seat next to you take 10 drops of you-don't-even-know-what at a show. Remember that not all people are familiar or comfortable with marijuana products, and you don't want to make your fellow concert-goers uncomfortable around you.

Concentrate Vapes

Okay, so maybe one of your favorite aspects of smoking is the process of inhaling and exhaling your weed. When you say "smoking at concerts," you mean smoking at concerts. I'm happy to say you've got options here, and using a concentrate vaporizer is one of them. Pack your favorite pen and bring it with you for a smoke that you can hide in your hand.

One thing to keep in mind if you decide smoking at concerts with a vape is your style: The exhale of a vape pen is much more noticeable than the normal cloud of smoke that accompanies smoking flower. Try to exhale toward your feet after each hit. This will give the cloud time to dissipate before it floats above your head.


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Bringing bud to a concert venue – indoors or outdoors – is always a risky move. Whether you're smoking a one-hitter, a joint, or a bowl, it's pretty difficult to keep things under the radar. For one thing, it can be tough to light up without being seen. This is especially true if you're outdoors and the wind is blowing. Most venues don't even allow cigarette smoking, so even if your bat looks like a cigarette, you could still get in lots of trouble.

And another thing: weed smells (I know, I know – breaking news, right?). But if you're planning on smoking at concerts, this is definitely something you should keep top of mind. When that cloud of smoke finds its way up above your head, those in your surrounding area will know what's going on and who's doing it – and that includes security. I've seen plenty of people get kicked out of concerts for not being discreet enough with their cannabis.

My suggestion? If you're going to try smoking flower at concerts, do so before you go inside. Smoke at home and catch a Lyft, or hotbox in your parked car before the show. You'll bring your high with you and won't run the risk of getting thrown out – at least not for smoking weed.

* Be considerate of the people around you. If you're attending a child-friendly concert, ensure there are no children in the surrounding areas before you light up.


Please note: Consuming marijuana in public is still against the law in most states and venues. Be sure you read up on and understand your local laws!