Power Plant Fitness: The First Marijuana-Friendly Gym

marijuana-friendly gym

Coming this fall to San Francisco, California is the world’s first ever marijuana-friendly gym. Clients at Power Plant Fitness will be able to incorporate cannabis into their workout regime. The use of marijuana in the gym will be encouraged for those dealing with pain, clients looking for a more meditative workout and ultimately an increase in focus on fitness.

All Forms of Marijuana-Friendly

In California, smoking marijuana is legal for recreational use, but smoking in public is a no go. This new gym will partner with a marijuana delivery service to provide clients with edibles 15 minutes after initially placing an order.

Although the gym will encourage and prefer the use of edibles it will also have a designated location for smoking the product, as well. Gym goers can bring along their own marijuana if desired to bypass the delivery process.

Maintaining Focus

The company’s focus errs on the side of athleticism and fitness, it doesn’t operate as a place for clients to come and get high. The goal is to prove that clients can function during a workout while consuming marijuana. Clients also are not going into the gym high without help. When joining Power Plant fitness, new clients undergo a usability assessment to determine how they perform during a workout while high versus sober. Every step taken is to done to make sure the success out of the workout.

The men behind the gym are former NFL running back Ricky Williams and advocate for athlete marijuana usage Jim McAlpine. Williams won the Heisman trophy in college at the University of Texas and played for twelve years in the National Football League as a member of the New Orleans Saints, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens. During Williams’ football career he was suspended several times for marijuana use.

McAlpine serves as an executive for a snowboard company, the founder of the San Francisco Ski & Snowboard Festival, as well as the founder of The 420 Games.

420 Gamers

Both Williams and McAlpine want to change the stigma that surrounds marijuana usage from the common “sitting on a couch getting high” stereotype. The 420 Games are entirely about changing that stigma; McAlpine states that they request that participants in the games hold off on smoking at the event for that reason specifically. They want people to medicate discreetly and prove that the games truly are a family friendly event focusing on the advocacy of that discrete consumption.

While Williams stated that he found using cannabis helped him “relax physically, relax mentally and even spiritually” while playing football. Marijuana can be used as a way place emphasis on areas of athleticism that are most appealing to the user and ultimately improve their athletic ability. The pair’s goal aligns through fitness and the desire to demonstrate that marijuana can be used as daily part of individuals lives while still incorporating fitness.

“If you use it right, cannabis takes the things you love and lets you love them more,” McAlpine told Outside. “With fitness, that can help get you into the zone, into eye-of-the-tiger mode.”