Spliff Busters: The History of OG Kush

As the Big Foot of the cannabis world, OG Kush is a strain that deserves some extra attention. Akin to the barefooted mystery mammal, everyone has smoked it — or so it seems. And along with its tenure within marijuana culture, the strain also has an air of mystery and intrigue, especially when it comes to OG Kush history.

What is OG Kush?

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When you talk to people about marijuana, there's a significant chance that they've got a roster of strains, off the top of their head, that surmise the “true weed experience”. OG Kush is one of them, and it’s known as a heavy-hitting indica strain. It's been around for a while, and has built up an impressive resume as a potent, delicious, and classic cannabis staple.

More specifically, OG Kush is a broad leaf marijuana (BLM) type. Essentially, it's a power hitter: the kind of cannabis that leaves consumers feeling stoned. Additionally, it has a round and dense flower structure, and comes with a relatable scent — it's kushy and funky and smells like weed.

Bottom line: it's the original gangster of weed.

OG Kush History Theories

The origin story for this strain is a little funky. OG Kush history can be traced back to different theories, with several claims to fame. You might hear that a stoner from Canada created this strain by messing around with his buddies. Another man, named Bubba (of other Kush celebrity) believes he and some friends found the very first Kush seed in a random bag of weed in 1991, and it just evolved from there.

Others within the cannabis space, including researchers, have found a more specific link of lineage. They believe that the actual Kush plant comes from the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. Because broad leaf marijuana plants are known to come from green, lush areas rather than deserts, the strain lineage is suspected to have been brought from Asia to Afghanistan through trade.

From there, the cannabis seeds could have found passage to the United States through soldiers coming back from the Vietnam War or other worldwide seed trade that brought genetics back to America. Additionally, there is a strong theory that suggests that college students from UC Berkley in the 1960s figured out that California's climate is similar to the Hindu Kush range, and were able to travel back and forth until they had their own local supply to grow, concentrate, and enjoy.

What Defines OG Kush?

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OG Kush history aside, there are some characteristics of the variety that are completely reliable. First and foremost, OG Kush is known to pack a sedative punch. Consumers report it gets you stoned, couch-locked, and drowsy, in the best ways.

Main Terpenes

One of the key terpenes that OG Kush possess is terpinolene; it's a classic marijuana terpene. It has a specific array of traits, including a reported calming and relaxing effect, beneficial side effects like being used to help promote sleep, and a gasoline-type scent. You can also find this terpene in tea tree, lilac, apple, cumin, and pine.

And even though OG Kush will probably slow you down, that spark of the terpinolene smell will ignite some fast-spinning brain activity. Consumers report it’ll sit you down and make you think. That's a two-punch pairing that makes this strain extremely sought-after, because it offers the quintessential "stoned" experience.

Another terpene in OG Kush is myrcene — one of the most common terpenes in most cannabis varieties, otherwise found in hops, lemongrass, mint, and cloves. The associated effects are also drowsiness, calm, and relaxation, and it’s known by consumers to help relax muscles and aid with sleep.

The OG Kush Reality

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There are the main terpenes in OG Kush, as well as the dozens, if not a hundred-plus, of sub-terpenes, which further diversify the flavor and aroma profiles of the strain. We aren't able to yet detect them, because the technology to test beyond the main terpenes doesn't exist.

Similarly, there is no way to fool-proof way to trace the genealogy of the strain and really get to the true OG Kush history, because that technology did not exist back when it was first found. So, it comes down to theories, where some are better than others (looking at you, Bubba).

But without the technology to accurately trace the roots of OG Kush, anything is possible — which is part of the intrigue, beauty, and culture that comes with cannabis. No one knows exactly where OG Kush comes from, but we do know that it's loved enough that it has migrated, evolved, and become a weed staple regardless of its mysterious history.

OG Kush Today

While there is a variety of flower being sold under the name “OG Kush,” it’s likely that a lot of it is not. But still, Kush exists today as a highly sought-after strain with some incredible flower born from the result of cross-breeding.

Now that you've got the lowdown on OG Kush history (or rather, possible theories), flavors, use, and fanfare, be sure to try it for yourself. Check out your local dispensary and get looking for that big foot-worthy strain.

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