Tips to Help You Avoid the Smell of Cooking Edibles

cooking edibles with marijuana and butter

Making your own homemade edibles is a right of passage for just about every stoner out there. Getting caught by parents, landlords, and other disapproving authority figures sure makes it difficult to cook those delicious weedy treats though. The last thing you want is to draw the attention of everyone in the neighborhood with the potent, stinky smell of dank weed.

But how do you avoid the smell of cooking edibles? In all honesty, you probably can't. While it’s possible to create odorless cannabis products, chances are those of you making edibles at home will be using something smelly. Any method using decarboxylated cannabis is going to have the stereotypical weed scent: potent and weedy.

Avoiding the smell of cooking edibles is less about wishing weed didn't smell (because we know it does) and more about planning and mitigating for the smell. So read these tips and tricks below for how to avoid the smell of cooking edibles. You may not be able to make scentless edibles, but at least you won't get caught (and that's what really matters, isn't it?).

Use Less Weed

cannabis in a jar

One of the best methods for mitigating the smelliness of edibles is by using less weed. Just like with smoking, the more weed you combust, the more your surroundings will smell. By using less weed you can avoid the smell of cooking edibles because the ratio of food to weed will be enough to prevent an overwhelming and permeating scent of cannabis. This method, however, does not guarantee a completely scent-free edible. Make sure to use other methods in conjunction with this one in order to get the full benefit. You may not entirely avoid the smell of cooking edibles, but in this scenario, every gesture makes a difference.


marijuana brownies next to cannabis bud

Ventilation is perhaps the best way to avoid the smell of cooking edibles. The average household has everything you need for a sophisticated stoner ventilation system: an oven fan, some ceiling fans, windows and doors that open, and sometimes a blanket or towel for hand-powered air movement. You may feel ridiculous with so much ventilation around you but it will be well worth a few open windows to keep your living space free of any weed scent.

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Cover Up the Smell

rolling out dough with shape of marijuana leaf

Weed has a stronger scent than most things, but not all! There's more than one way to cover up the smell of cannabis and avoid the smell of cooking edibles. The first method of covering up the scent of cooking edibles is to create another stronger smell to cover it up. Incense, air fresheners, a musty vacuum cleaner, nail polish remover, perfume or cologne, and just about any combination of strong scents you can think of to cover up the smell of cooking edibles.

Of course, the smell of weed won't magically disappear when you cover it up, but it does make it harder to pick up on and identify. Confusing the senses is a clever way to avoid the smell of cooking edibles, though it may not always be enough. You can also try making savory edibles where the food actually smells more than the weed. Cannabis-infused curry, for instance, wouldn't smell as weedy as cannabis-infused snickerdoodles.

Only Cook Alone

cooking marijuana cookies with wooden spoon

Cooking alone gives you the time you need to make all the necessary steps to neutralize the smell of cooking edibles. Wait until your parents go to work or for your kids to go to school then pop out the ingredients, cook fast, and get started on all the other tips and tricks to avoid the smell of cooking edibles. If you're lucky, by the time whoever you're trying to avoid returns, the edibles will be done and the house smell-free. At the very least you've avoided any chance of getting caught in the act, smell or no smell. It's a lot easier to hide the fact that you're cooking edibles when you are no longer cooking the edibles, after all.

Use Cannabis Concentrates

high def picture of shatter concentrate

For the most foolproof tip for avoiding the smell of cooking edibles just pick up some cannabis concentrates. Instead of decarboxylating some weed into cannabutter in your living area (which is going to smell no matter what you do) just use cannabis concentrates and avoid the smell entirely!

Cannabis concentrates do have a certain scent, but nowhere near the skunky smell of everyone's favorite herb. Impress your friends and yourself by making your next batch of edibles not only scent-less but absolutely delicious as well. Leafbuyer's recipes for special brownies, cannabis cookies, and even drinks like coffee and cocktails are guaranteed to give you the best edibles possible.

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