Newly Opened Trees Dispensary in Englewood, Colorado

Although there are hundreds of dispensaries in Colorado, Trees Dispensary is a unique chain with two locations: one in Portland, Oregon and a newly opened one in Englewood, Colorado.

And later this autumn, a Denver location will open up.

What makes Trees Dispensary different from others, though? What kind of features does this marijuana dispensary chain provide customers with? How can you benefit from going to Trees Dispensary, especially its newly opened Englewood location? Read on to find out answers to these questions and more!

Background of Trees Dispensary:

Trees Dispensary Englewood LogoTrees Dispensary used to be a strictly medical marijuana dispensary, even though Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2014 and Oregon followed behind in 2015.

However, as of November 2016, Englewood voters overwhelmingly voted in favor of the sale of recreational marijuana at Trees Dispensary locations, as mentioned in a blog post by Trees Dispensary.

Englewood citizens were ready for Trees Dispensary to sell recreational marijuana, therefore, after petitioning for quite some time, they placed a measure on the city’s ballot regarding recreational marijuana sales, according to Englewood Herald.

Furthermore, in November of 2016, Ballot Question 302′ regarding recreational marijuana sales received heavy support. According to Englewood Herald, close to 13,000 votes were tallied, and 61.8 percent of voters approved of the measure, while only 38.2 percent opposed it.

Trees Dispensary‘s Unique Features:

Although Trees Dispensary sells recreational marijuana products like other dispensaries do, they have certain features on their website that makes the selection and purchasing options extremely easy and convenient. For example, Trees Dispensary’s website includes an online ordering process, in which you choose which product you want, choose your desired amount (quantity in grams, eighths, quarters, and ounces), and then you add it to your cart.

From here, you can continue shopping by adding other products, and when you’re done, you select the ‘check out’ option. At this point, Trees Dispensary asks you to include your name so that you know when your order is ready. You can also add your email address or phone number if you’re a loyalty member. Once the order is submitted, you pick it up at the dispensary and pay for it there without having to wait for other customers in front of you and without having to wait on the budtenders to package everything up.

Trees Dispensary‘s Advantages:

Man Holding Marijuana JointA huge advantage of going to Trees Dispensary over others is that they have a loyalty program for their frequent customers, and you can receive different discounts, promotions, and deals that will ultimately save you money.

In addition, loyalty members receive updates on different cannabis events and informative webinars. Currently, the marijuana deals at the newly opened Englewood location include the following: BOGO 50 percent off all joints, $99 ounces of select strains, and $19 grams of West Edison wax/shatter.

Another advantage of Trees Dispensary is that their locations don’t have waiting rooms, so customers can shop for their weed at their own pace without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. This can be especially helpful for first-timers as well as people who are interested in changing up their usual marijuana regime.

Also, if customers don’t want to purchase their desired products online, they can order what they want at the dispensary’s in-store kiosk in order to get their desired products in a timely manner.

Average Price Range for Trees Dispensary’s Products:

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a dispensary that sells quality products at inexpensive prices, and if you’re someone who wants to get the good stuff without breaking your bank account, Trees Dispensary is the place to go.

Trees Dispensary’s website includes a detailed list of available products for each location so that customers could be aware of what’s in stock and what their options are before making a trip to the dispensary.

In addition to Trees Dispensary’s detailed online menu, there are prices next to each individual product so you know how much you’ll be spending ahead of time. The average prices per gram of flower are anywhere from $7.50 to $12.00 and concentrate typically cost anywhere from $19.00 to $24.00.

For the convenience of customers, Trees Dispensary lists out each flower strain they have in stock, alongside available quantity choices, prices, THC percentages per strain, star rankings, and reviews that customers have written.

Overall, this website structure is helpful for all kinds of customers, whether they’re new to certain marijuana strains or concentrates, or if they want reassurance that what they’re purchasing will be worth it and/or that it will meet their expectations.

Basic Contact Information:

Address: 5005 S. Federal Blvd, Englewood CO, 80110
Phone number: 720-216-1602
Dispensary hours: Monday-Sunday 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.

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