The legalization of recreational cannabis in the state of Nevada is quickly proving to be beneficial for the local communities. Not only does legalization allow people to access this remarkable plant, but it helps to boost the local economy. Along with the cannabis sales taxes bringing more money to the state, there is a major increase in employment opportunities. The Nevada Cannabis Industry has created 6,700 jobs in a very small amount of time.

The industry has the ability to drastically increase the number of cannabis job opportunities in any community. There are multiple stages of providing recreational cannabis to consumers. There needs to people growing the cannabis, packaging the cannabis, delivering the cannabis, and selling the cannabis.

Plus, there are third-party vendors who manufacture marijuana products like edibles, topicals and concentrates. They need extractors, manufacturers, packagers, and delivery drivers.

That is not to mention all of the side niches that the cannabis industry has created. Jobs have been created to oversee the regulation of cannabis. Every store and marijuana business needs to have a compliance department. There are even new positions in cannabis marketing, cannabis legal sectors, cannabis sales, cannabis consulting, cannabis recruiting, and cannabis security.

The marijuana industry has the ability to help rejuvenate a multitude of other industries. It will be very interesting to just how many jobs the Nevada Cannabis Industry will create.

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