Marijuana Caviar, and Where to Find It in Portland, Oregon

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Most people understand that caviar is essentially the eggs of various large fish, especially the sturgeon, which are commonly eaten as a delicacy. However, marijuana caviar is quite different. Marijuana caviar is the next new definition of top-shelf weed: marijuana flowers/buds that have been soaked in concentrated hash oils. If you think this is a high you’d like to experience and/or learn more about, then read on to find out more about marijuana caviar and where you can find it in Portland, Oregon.

Detailed Explanation of Marijuana Caviar

As mentioned above, marijuana caviar is made by soaking high-quality buds in concentrated hash oil. From here, the product is dried from days to months at a time, which leaves an extremely potent product that can be smoked or vaped. Generally, the marijuana buds that are used in this process contain up to 20 percent THC, and the oils reach up to 80 percent THC; therefore, marijuana caviar knocks nearly all other marijuana products out of the park. Although the effects are long-lasting and effective, the taste is known to be a bit rough, in addition to its thickness and dense smoke.

Marijuana caviar is available to anyone over the age of 21, but they must reside in an area where marijuana is recreationally legal and/or hold a legal medical marijuana card. Fortunately for medical patients, they can use marijuana caviar to treat any ailments and/or uncomfortable feelings of pain or anxiety, and the effects will last much longer than traditional marijuana products.

Marijuana caviar is a huge breakthrough for medical patients since they don’t have to smoke or vape multiple times a day to feel relief. Overall, patients and/or anyone who wants to experience a higher lift would benefit from using marijuana caviar, but they must ease into it because it can be a very intense high.

Unique Aspects of Marijuana Caviar


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Marijuana caviar is unique for a variety of reasons, but especially because it’s a mixture of different cannabis components since it consists of buds/flowers that are dipped into hash oils and then coated in kief. Occasionally, the buds will only be soaked in hash oil, but some cultivators use a high-powered sprayer that coats the herb in the oil for a more intense and impressive effect, as mentioned by Vaporizer for Weed.


For those of you that are new to cannabis, kief is the fine powder that gets produced when cannabis buds are put into a grinder, and this powder is the substance that marijuana caviar is coated in. In general, marijuana caviar can deliver unique effects to users, and it’s possible to create any combination of sativa, indica, and/or hybrid caviar by turning different components of each strain into a part of the end product.

Another unique aspect of marijuana caviar is that it can be consumed through either smoking or vaping, and it’s similar to smoking dry herb, but with a rough after-taste. Marijuana caviar is commonly smoked in a traditional bong or pipe, but many others prefer vaping it instead. Since marijuana caviar is soaked in concentrated hash oil, it’ll burn longer than traditional bud, and it’ll produce a very thick and dense smoke, but the effects will be felt for much longer.

Why Is Marijuana Caviar Expensive?

Overall, marijuana caviar is much more expensive than regular flower strains, but it’s mostly due to the hands-on time it takes cultivators to make the product as well as how long marijuana caviar lasts. Time and patience is essential when making marijuana caviar, and customers need to understand why this specialty product is so expensive before purchasing it.

Although marijuana caviar is pricey, it’s an effective and beneficial treat that users can splurge on every now and then, especially since it’ll last a long time. Many people view marijuana caviar as the equivalent of top-shelf alcohol like champagne since it’s a quality product, its effects are long-lasting, and there’s a huge demand for it by both medical patients and recreational users. The experience marijuana caviar delivers to its users is unlike anything else, which is why it comes at a higher price than bud alone.

Where Can You Find Marijuana Caviar?

Currently, marijuana caviar is only sold in select California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington dispensaries. In particular, The Green Solution in Portland sells marijuana caviar, but they refer to it as “moon rocks.” The dispensary has their own brand of marijuana caviar, which is called Nectar Bee, so keep your eye out for this brand. Although few Portland, Oregon dispensaries sell marijuana caviar, customers have reported seeing moon rocks at Portland’s Club Sky High Dispensary, and their budtenders claim that it’s the same as marijuana caviar.


The popularity of marijuana caviar is rapidly increasing since both medical marijuana patients and recreational users are interested in its long-lasting and intense effects. True marijuana consumers won’t feel disappointed after purchasing marijuana caviar whether they plan to use it for medical reasons or for a special occasion. If you’re interested in taking marijuana consumption to a higher level, then give marijuana caviar a try and experience all of the magic it has to offer.

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Article by: Nicole Skrobin