What’s the Story Behind the Cannabis Holiday, 710?

The marijuana glossary is always growing and evolving, and it’s important to stay caught up on the current lexicon of the industry. It’s never fun to be the person left out and a little behind on the slang front, especially within your own community.

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The terms associated with weed are part of an ever-growing list. That is just how it goes in a growing and thriving market. By now, even you’re not part of the community, you’re sure to know about things like 420 — as both a symbol and holiday — or have at least heard of the word dab. Blunts? Of course. Spliffs? You bet. Hot boxing? Sure. These phrases are common and regularly used.

What about "710?" If you have come across this term — maybe overheard in a smoking lounge or seen on a product package in a dispensary — and aren't sure what the significance of 710 is in the cannabis space, fear not. Be sure to stick around and familiarize yourself with the 710 cannabis holiday.

What Does 710 Mean?

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The definition of 710 is very straightforward: it just means concentrates. Typically, 710 translates to hash oil. This is because the number, when flipped upside down, looks like it spells out the word "OIL."

Oil carries quite a lot of significance within the cannabis world. It’s (debatably) the term used to describe several cannabis concentrates and extracts; this category includes many of the most potent kinds, such as hash oil, wax, and shatter, to name a few.

Specifically: Dab Away

One of the most popular ways to get into the 710 spirit is to dab. As a quick refresher, dabbing is essentially vaporizing a concentrated piece of cannabis to consume it. Concentrates, then, are exactly how they sound — a sticky type of oil that is extracted from the flower itself. These concentrates are the best of the best that marijuana has to offer, namely a bunch of cannabinoids, terpenes, and potent THC. You can get a significant more bang for your buck dabbing oils, getting more out of a smaller chunk of weed than regular smoking.

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Stoner Holiday: A Day to Celebrate

Like 420, which is known as both a weed term and a date for canna-celebration, 710 has formed roots as a stoner holiday as well, and a kind of movement for further acceptance and recognition. Oils are, after all, potent, effective, trendy, powerful, diverse, and all around awesome, and many people want to give a shout out and an individual platform to this consumption method.

If you haven't already, be sure to mark your calendar on July 10 (7/10) for a little quality time with your favorite concentrates and extracts.

To get even more specific, consumers behind the 710 cannabis movement used time to further illustrate their excitement. At 7:10 on July 10, dabbers do their thing and dab away. Sound familiar? Similarly, July 10 is a national celebration in a different country; consumers in Spain light up in honor of San Canuto; "Canuto" translates to "joint" in Spanish. Expect a lot of cannabis enthusiasm on this date, and take it all in.

You'll find a lot of consumers and weed companies aboard the 710 cannabis train, but it doesn’t boom in quite the same fashion as 420, at least not yet. According to Cannabis Business Times, only 20 percent of the overall cannabis market is dedicated to concentrates; many consumers are still unfamiliar, live in a state where they are completely illegal, or haven't gotten comfortable with the torching methods just yet.

If you like to dab, July 10 is the time to get to it.

710 Cannabis Origin Story

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It’s no secret that there are a ton of myths and urban legends when it comes to cannabis culture. Even 420, such a widely used and celebrated stoner holiday, has murky information when it comes to its background and origin story. One of the legends says that a group of the teens, who called themselves the Waldos, invented the saying so that they could communicate about smoking after school. There are other versions, too, about Bob Marley's birthday or involving the Grateful Dead, so it can be hard to know for sure.

710 is the same way. Some people think that it was less of a singular statement and more of an evolution as people started to familiarize themselves with cannabis oils — that there was some sort of collective recognition of the term out of regular use.

There's one theory that credits cars for the origin of the phrase. To be specific, the old oil caps on vehicles. When flipped upside down, the label on these caps, OIL, would of course be flipped to 710. How it transitioned into the cannabis world, though, seems to be a bit of a mystery.

Regardless of how things started, known 710 holidays are a fairly recent phenomenon. The first record of public celebrations took place in 2012 with the 7/10 Cup — with games, live music, and a showcase of the state's best extract companies. This event, which began after the recreational legalization of marijuana in Colorado, was fundamental in striking up conversation and celebration of concentrates. In addition to normalizing the consumption of extracts, there was also a new surge of oils and dabs within the cannabis market.

Uses Today

The term 420 has become a colloquial representation of nearly every kind of cannabis. Flower, edibles, extracts, topicals, hash, smoking, eating, rubbing, dabbing, you name it — 420 is a celebration of it. 710, on the other hand, is an opportunity to appreciate one of the plant's strongest forms: concentrates.

Nowadays, 710 is a cultural cannabis symbol. Not only are these consumers smoking weed, but they are doing it in a way that they prefer, that makes them happy. This community is seen heavily online, on social media sites like Instagram where hashtags can connect consumers with each other. Some of the popular ones include #dablife, #710society, and #loyaltotheOIL, among others.

Additionally, if you see a sign that says 710-friendly, you can go ahead and infer that they are cool with cannabis oils in some way.

Likewise, if a buddy says, "hey, it's time for 710," (sounding straight out of an urban dictionary example), you'll know that they are inviting you to go dab. At the very least, you will likely see 710 splattered across packaging for concentrates and extracts, as a fun piece of identity within the realm of cannabis products.

Celebrate Accordingly

On July 10, you might see some 710 cannabis-related ads from local dispensaries or weed distribution sites, and you will be in on the event. Maybe, they’ll even have some concentrate deals or specials to further sweeten the day. Either way, feel free to honor the unofficial holiday by grabbing some friends and dabbing together.

If you are into dabbing, enjoy on this super rad day, with your new knowledge of popular cannabis terminology. And have a happy 710!

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