Is Weed Allowed in Disneyland and Disney World?

Editorial credit: By Ekaterina Kupeeva/

If recreational cannabis is legal in California and Florida, is weed allowed in Disneyland and Disney World?

The short answer is no.

Unfortunately this July 17, 2018 you can’t light up in honor of Disney’s 63rd birthday – at least, not if you are inside the park itself. Disneyland still lists marijuana as one of its prohibited items – along with weapons, alcohol, selfie-sticks, drones, and obnoxiously big strollers.

The Disneyland theme park rules and regulations did not mention anything about cannabis until marijuana was voted recreationally legal in California and medically legal Florida. In fact, once the legislation passed, many people were eager to see how Disney would handle the new state laws. Presumably before the laws passed, cannabis fell under the category of “illegal substances.”

Unfortunately, as of May 2017, Mary Jane officially became a persona non grata at the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Even though cannabis is no longer illegal in California and Florida, the decision came down to Disney as a corporation.

In an interview with WESH 2 News shortly after cannabis was voted medically legal in Florida, a Disney spokesperson claimed, “We are revising our rules to clarify that marijuana is not permitted on our property...Although some states have legalized marijuana for medicinal or recreational use, marijuana remain(s) illegal under federal law.”

Is Weed Allowed In Disneyland With a Medical Card?

If you’re wondering, “Is weed allowed in Disneyland with a medical card?” the answer is still no.

It is legal for Disney to ban all cannabis in their parks, even though it is legal medically and recreationally.  Disneyland is private property and the corporation is free to ban anything they like. This should not come as a shock to most people. Historically, Disney has held a conservative brand image. Employees aren’t allowed to show tattoos, have beards, or display excessive piercings. Overall, the employees must adopt a conservative, clean-cut appearance. The environment at Disney is very controlled and it’s a business, so it’s no wonder key decision makers aren’t keen on allowing any substances that they can’t profit from and that doesn’t fit into their brand image.

Disney is touted as a magical place for children, but it’s also a bit of a mysterious place as well. Disney is packed with heavy security, tons of video surveillance, secret police, and a slew of parents that would probably be outraged if the smell of cannabis wafted through the park. Additionally, Disney has a squeaky-clean brand image that barely tolerates the use of cigarettes and alcohol. There are a few restaurants in Disneyland and Disneyworld where you can get an alcoholic beverage, and the park does provide designated cigarette smoking areas.

With that being said, many cannabis activists believe Disney banned cannabis because they assume people will be smoking or using a vaporizor pen publicly. In reality, consumers could consume cannabis orally without spewing secondhand smoke. This is a particularly great option for those who consume cannabis for medical conditions, and some argue the Disney prohibition on cannabis is unfair. The park rules do not distinguish between medical and recreational cannabis, which means park-goers who use cannabis medically would be discriminated against.

Orlando, Fla. attorney Matt Morgan was one of the attorneys who fought to pass Florida’s amendment to allow medical marijuana. In an interview with WESH2 News, Morgan stated he was not surprised by Disney’s decision but raised this interesting point: “If someone has a vaporizing pen in their purse, what makes that different than a pill of Oxycontin in their purse, and should people be treated differently? That’s up to Disney to decide."

Taking Weed Into Disneyland Anyway

So what happens if you take cannabis to Disney anyway? If you get caught, you could end up in Disney Jail, (or real jail if you are not of legal consumption age), and stuck with a hefty fine.

According to an article by, some ex-employees have confirmed that Disney Jail does exist. Apparently it is a white 10×10 one-room cell with a two-way mirror. Technically it is a holding cell that you could be placed in if you get out of control in the park. Most people end up there due to being drunk in public or for shoplifting. If things are really serious, the park security will just call the real police and you could end up banned from Disneyland for life.

However, the chances of that happening if you are both sly and responsible with your marijuana consumption are slim to none. If you want to use cannabis in the park, just play it smart as suggested in this epic article from Kindland, The Tourist’s Guide to Disneyland on Drugs.” As suggested in the article, do not consume cannabis on the property or in the parking lot. Instead, use it before you go to the park or on the way there and just leave it at home or in your hotel room.

If smoking is your consumption method of choice, toke up in a discrete and legal location before entering the park. Invest in a FastPass+ service so you can take advantage of your favorite rides before the high wears off. Definitely do not smoke or use a vaporizer within the park; you will probably get caught.

Edibles seem to be the way to go when visiting Disneyland, simply because they are more discrete, take up to 60 minutes to kick in, and can last for hours. If you are new to edibles, take a super low dose as the high is very different and more intense. Also, consider cannabis sprays and tinctures that you can keep tucked away while at the park.

Finding Cannabis Dispensaries Near Disneyland

There is no denying that cannabis is becoming a tourist attraction in places where it has been legalized, like California and Florida. To see a list of dispensaries near you, check out the Leafbuyer simple search query to search for dispensaries by zip code.