How Do You Detox From Dabs Quickly?

Detoxing from dabs can make or break a drug test

Unfortunately, society has not fully accepted the legalization of marijuana. There are still a ton of employment opportunities that require the candidates to take a drug test to move on in the hiring process. There are always people in a rush to detox cannabis from their systems. With marijuana being illegal for so long, there are a lot of resources out there to help consumers clean the THC out their system. However, with the potency of the cannabis available today, it’s becoming more and more difficult to detox from THC. Now that consumers have access to pure THC concentrates, detoxing is no easy task, especially when you’re detoxing from dabs

How Long Does THC Stay in Our Bodies?  

THC, otherwise known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is the most well-known cannabinoid found in marijuana. It is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid, which is why this is the only cannabinoid that shows up on drug tests. THC happens to be a fat-soluble substance stored in the body’s fat cells. It can stay in our bodies for quite a while and takes quite a catalyst to metabolize quickly. Plus, every consumer’s body is different, so it’s tough to provide an across-the-board answer. However, there is still a consensus as to how long it takes THC to flush out of our bodies.  

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Average Time for THC to Metabolize: 

  • First-Time Users: 5 to 8 days after last consumption 
  • Occasional Users: 11 to 25 days after last consumption  
  • Regular Users: 30 to 50 days after last consumption  
  • Chronic Users: 60 to 90 days after last consumption  

The amount of time it takes to metabolize THC and remove it from our bodies varies per person. There are quite a few of factors that go into determining how long THC can stay in your system. The type of drug test administered will also affect the likelihood of testing positive for THC. To assess individual detox times, ask yourself these questions: 

  1. When was the last time you consumed cannabis?
  2. How frequently did you consume cannabis?
  3. How much cannabis did you consume at a time?
  4. Do you have a high metabolism?
  5. What types of marijuana products did you consume?

These questions will help people to determine what type of cannabis consumer they are, in turn, helping to figure out individual detox rates. While this is still ultimately a guess, these are useful guidelines to follow. Keep in mind the last question on the list above. With the massive selection of different products at different potency, consumers are beginning to wonder if specific THC products stay in our bodies longer.  

Does it Take Longer for Detoxing from Dabs? 

Marijuana concentrates are the most potent form of THC on the market. From wax and shatter to distillate, and live resin concentrates contain the highest amount of THC possible. Comparatively, most cannabis flower averages around twenty percent THC. The range of THC content for most concentrates is between sixty percent to ninety-nine percent THC. The potency of dabs is much stronger than other marijuana products. That said, it is possible that smoking dabs take longer to detox.  

The potency of concentrates alone is more than triple the amount of THC in cannabis flower. Concentrates are also THC without any other cannabinoids. A consumer who smokes a gram of concentrates for the first time has triple the amount of THC in their system. If a consumer were to smoke an eighth of flower for the first time, they would detox the THC faster. Luckily, for consumers caught in a bind, there are a few different products available to help with detoxing from dabs quickly.  

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Ways to Detox from THC 

The most natural way of detoxing from dabs and other marijuana products is to wait it out and allow the body to use the THC up. However, if you suddenly have a surprise interview from your drug-test-requiring dream job and need quick results, there some things you can do to give yourself a fighting chance.  

Premium Detox Products: 
Emergency Detox Capsules XL and Double Detox Drink by Rapid Clear’s detox will temporarily eliminate toxins in your body helping you to pass a urine test,  the product works in just 45 minutes and last up to six hours, according to Rapid Clear’s website.
Synthetic Urine is the full proof way when you don't have time to detox. Products like Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and Xstream Urine are clean, pre-mixed, laboratory urine contains urea and uric acid to help you pass your urine test. Other useful products include belts and warmers for optimal care and discretion.

Keep in mind that throughout the detoxing process you make sure to drink a lot of water, eat light meals that don’t have a lot of fat, and avoid consuming any cannabis. It’s also a good idea to avoid working out on the day of the test. When fat cells with THC are burnt off, the THC can be released back into our bloodstream before it makes its way out. For those with high THC levels from smoking concentrates, consider doing regular detox regiments to cut your detox rate down!  

Keep informed on different detox methods for cannabishere!


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