The CBN vs. CBD Debate

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Every day, there seems to be a new acronym that's driving the world crazy. Lately, there's been a huge CBD (cannabidiol) craze, igniting communities both within the cannabis industry and outside. Now, novice and veteran consumers alike are all talking about the secret healing ingredient in marijuana.

There are over 113 different types of cannabinoids, all with their own specific properties. Some are thought to heal, and others are thought to elevate. We're still researching and learning about all they can do.

Talk of a new three-letter agent is underway. CBN (cannabinol), also related to the all-natural herb, is a huge topic of conversation. Rumor is, this agent is another source of medicinal relief, possibly able to rival the amazing effects of the beloved CBD.

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But is it all talk – these new benefits seeming to outweigh the tried and true properties of CBD?

It might be. Keep reading to find out. That's right, it's CBN vs. CBD, with one clear three-letter champion.

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What's the Difference?

The cannabis plant is full of cannabinoids. We know them pretty well; currently, the major two are THC and CBD. THC, as you're probably aware, is the psychoactive agent in marijuana, responsible for the high that comes with lighting up. CBD, on the other hand, is thought to provide medicinal benefits, without any trace of a high.

When comparing CBN vs. CBD, you see that CBN is just another cannabinoid. To oversimplify, as the cannabis gets older, the THC gradually breaks down, and the final product is CBN. This happens when THC is exposed to heat or oxygen at length, for long periods of time.

Tell Me More About CBN

CBN has been gaining recognition as a possible source of medicinal relief; at the very least, it could be a useful cannabinoid. Its most significant potential benefit is related to bone regeneration: it has potential to help broken bones heal through stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells. There's also a chance that it has pain relieving properties and might work as a slight sedative, though research is extremely limited.

Since it comes from THC, CBN has a few caveats. It exists in a dead zone where it most likely won't contain any active psychoactive agent, but there's a small chance it will. So, you're never 100 percent sure it won't get you high, even though it's a very slim chance.

CBN also is not very abundant. As far as cannabinoids go, it makes up for less than 1 percent of the cannabinoid content in the cannabis plant. This makes CBN a limited resource that's hard to extract.

CBN vs. CBD: Which is Better?

CBD is used by countless people to alleviate pain, combat anxiety and depression, induce sleep, and reduce seizures and muscle spasms. It's not psychoactive, and the stuff is thought to get problems solved.

Put one point in the win column for CBD, please. There are just too many factors in its favor: CBD won't result in a high, it's a known and better researched resource, is an active part of most states' medical marijuana programs, falls under the legal hemp category (so there's potential and room for growth), and it's accessible – CBD is easy to find and buy, even from the comfort of your couch. It comes in all forms, from creams and oils to delicious edible treats.

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CBD Diversity

There are many different types of CBD-inspired products, spanning all different forms. You can get oils, creams, foods, supplements, tinctures, and more. There's no end to the possibilities, especially as the cannabis industry continues to grow their rapid appreciation for CBD. Another bonus: companies are making it easier than ever for patients to get their hands-on top-quality products.

Enter: The Internet

In terms of ease, you really can't beat the convenience and simplicity of ordering CBD online. It's fast, intuitive, and results in high quality products delivered straight to your front door.

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CBD All Day

Though CBN might prove itself to be another valuable resource from the cannabis plant, for now it's an under-researched cannabinoid with very specific, and limited, uses.

In the CBN vs. CBD debate, there's one pretty clear winner. CBD is regarded as a consistent source of herbal relief – there's incredible diversity, ease of access, and research proving that this cannabinoid is here to stay, heal, and thrive.

You also can't beat infused gummies, either. Another point to CBD.

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