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These days, most consumers prefer online shopping over any other kind. And how could we not? Online shopping offers us everything we love: convenience, variety, and the internet. Let's be honest – we'd all rather pick out the things we need (whether that's clothes, gadgets, books, or even groceries), make a few clicks, and even suffer through extended shipping times than physically go to a store. The future is digital, and we are here for it.

The world of cannabis is here for it, too. Online commerce for weed and associated goods is finally making an entrance, and we like what we see. Every Day Optimal CBD, an online marketplace for legal products like CBD oil, is an excellent resource for ordering CBD products online.

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What Makes Their CBD Legal in Every State?

The CBD (cannabidiol) infused in Every Day Optimal's products is legal in every single state, regardless of strict legalization laws surrounding marijuana. This is because the CBD used in their products is derived from hemp.

CBD that comes from marijuana is legal only in states that have recreational laws or medical marijuana laws. CBD that is made from industrial hemp, however, is legal across the nation.

Hemp and marijuana are two different things. Though the two come from the same cannabis family, the function, cultivation, and application of hemp is entirely unique. Marijuana is known for its recreational and medicinal purposes and for containing the psychoactive THC compound. Hemp, on the other hand, can be used in dietary supplements, clothing, accessories, skin products, and, as Every Day Optimal proves, natural relief. When CBD products are made from hemp, they do not contain any traces of THC.

Every Day Optimal extracts their CBD straight from the stalks of industrial hemp. With these goodies, you can't get high. You'll feel the same natural healing, without the mind-altering side effects. When using these CBD-infused products, you will be able to pass a drug test and you'll still be complying with the federal law.

Different Types of CBD Products 

Everyday Optimal CBD hosts a plethora of different CBD products, ensuring that everyone can find something suited to their needs. Keep in mind: you must still be over the age of 18 to order and consume anything from the site.

CBD Oil Tinctures

Hemp-based CBD oil tinctures come in the form of a dropper, without the hassle of a prescription. Users can easily administer the drops in tons of different ways. Many prefer placing a few drops under the tongue (known as "sublingual administration") so that it's quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. Tip: try to hold the oil under your tongue for as long as possible; as this allows for maximum absorption time. Another method of consumption is to mix the tinctures into other things, like food, teas, or milkshakes. Every Day Optimal CBD's tinctures have a peppermint taste, so they go well with chocolate or herbal flavors. These tinctures come in three doses: 4000 mg (the strongest), 2000 mg, and 1800 mg of CBD.

CBD Oil Gummies

CBD Gummies
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Did someone say gummies? These sweet treats pack a punch, right where it counts. As 100% hemp products, these gummy bears are infused with all the properties of CBD. They are delicious, sugary, and potent, with bonus points for being vegan. These CBD oil gummies have been known to shock and awe with both their flavor and use—be sure to take note of the different dosages; some bottles contain higher amounts of CBD than others.

CBD E Liquids

Every Day Optimal CBD also has a line of E liquids, meant for vaping. Vaping involves inhaling and exhaling the vapor made from an electronic cigarette, and it's a healthier alternative to smoking. When it comes to CBD, vapor is a therapeutic means of inhalation. Every Day Optimal offers several flavors of E liquids that are enriched by their hemp CBD, including honey melon kush, marshmallow magic, and strawberry cream. Delicious. Enjoy!

CBD Capsules

Your morning routine just got a little bit healthier. CBD oil capsules are a super easy and effective means of getting a daily dose of CBD. Every Day Optimal has CBD-filled pills that are easy to swallow, contain natural ingredients, and are sourced with clean hemp farming practices. Since these are swallowed and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, these capsules are super fast-acting. And like all the other goodies, these capsules are 100% THC free.

Every Day Optimal: An Excellent Choice

Every Day Optimal CBD is an easy, affordable (thanks, discount gods!), and convenient form of online commerce, delivering the very best that hemp-derived CBD has to offer. Check them out.

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