CBN and Its Medical Benefits

CBN Cannabidiol Molecular Structure
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As most people may already know, cannabis is a very intricate plant that contains a variety of natural cannabinoids that deliver powerful medical benefits and properties. The main chemicals that have already been discovered and widely used include THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). However, there are many more chemical compounds within the cannabis plant called cannabinoids, and CBN is one of them. CBN is otherwise referred to as cannabinol, and it’s categorized as an active component within the cannabis plant that delivers both medical and therapeutic effects to users. Read on to find out more about CBN and how it can help you.

What Is CBN?

CBN is one of the estimated 113 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, according to, and it was the first cannabinoid to be isolated and identified from cannabis, back in the 19th century, as stated by CBN was isolated through a degradation of a cannabis extract, and it produces close to no psychoactive effects due to the trouble it has binding to the body’s CB1 receptors.

Regarding CBN’s medical benefits, aside from CBN being a cannabinoid, it’s also a breakdown product of THC. As THC ages, it transforms into CBN, and CBN can be found in marijuana buds that have gone stale. Therefore, if any of your bud gets dried out/goes stale, don’t throw it out; instead, utilize it to receive CBN’s medical benefits.

CBN’s Medical Benefits/Properties:

One main benefit of CBN is that it serves as an effective sedative, which is ideal for people suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders, according to Also, CBN as an individual compound is thought to produce little or no psychoactive effects, which makes it excellent for people who want to reap its benefits without feeling high. Furthermore, according to a rat study done by researchers at the School of Pharmacy at Berkshire University, they found that CBN can increase appetite, which can be especially useful for people suffering from eating disorders and wasting syndrome.

Additionally, as stated by, in a 1973 mice study, CBN showed early signs of anticonvulsant effects, which can be an extremely useful form of treatment for epilepsy and seizure disorders. In addition to CBN’s anticonvulsant properties, the cannabinoid has significant anti-inflammatory properties. According to, “CBN and other cannabinoids influence certain immune cells to produce their anti-inflammatory effects. They have also been found to alter levels of other compounds that produce inflammation.”

Thus, CBN could be especially helpful for people suffering from inflammation problems and other diseases related to inflammation pain. Some marijuana experts have expressed their opinions on CBN’s anti-inflammatory properties being used to reduce eye pressure associated with glaucoma, but this needs to be researched further.

Surprising CBN Medical Benefits:

Moreover, nowadays, antibiotics are used regularly for treating different infections, but after a while, the body stops responding to antibiotics if they’re used too much. Fortunately, CBN could be used as a powerful non-psychoactive antibiotic. Research from 2008 found that CBN successfully killed MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant staph infection, according to

Both CBN and THC killed the infection’s bacteria, and overall, CBN has been shown to contain anti-bacterial properties, however, the specific mechanism of the antibacterial effects is not known yet.

Other medical benefits of CBN include its ability to act as a vaso-relaxant, which means that it causes the body’s blood vessel walls to relax, which leads to a decrease in blood pressure, according to These effects could be beneficial to treat glaucoma and other diseases/conditions, including strokes, heart disease, hypertension, and even hemorrhages.

CBN Psoriasis Treatment
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Furthermore, people suffering from psoriasis have few treatment options, but fortunately, CBN can decrease the proliferation of keratinocytes, which is a type of skin cell. This is important because in psoriasis, the skin cells are very hyperactive, and they grow to create patchy parts of the skin, and from here, the skin can actually slough off. By using CBN as a treatment for psoriasis, it can prevent the runaway proliferation of the skin’s cells, delivering people with relief from this painful auto-immune disease.

Lastly, for those who have weak bones or who have broken their bones in the past can utilize CBN as a treatment for the healing process. For example, according to, “Stem cells can be converted into many other cell types such as bone, fat, cartilage, and muscle cells. Cannabinoids like CBN also seem to increase fibroblast cells, which play a crucial role in the bone-healing process.” Therefore, CBN’s effects could help increase bone formation, which would be extremely useful in the recovery process of fractured bones and/or injured tissues.

Overall, although CBN isn’t the cannabinoid that has received the most attention recently, it contains significant medical benefits that could improve human health in more ways than one would imagine. As time goes on, more research will be conducted on CBN, but consider implementing CBN into your cannabis regime (if you have one), and if not, keep CBN in mind if you want to take advantage of its many medical benefits/properties in the future.

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Article by: Nicole Skrobin