Consumer Education: CBD Drinks and Beverages

Homemade lemonade with CBD

The CBD craze is not slowing down anytime soon as more and more consumers flood to the market. The hemp CBD industry is booming with new products hitting the shelves every week. From CBD gummies to CBD coffee, consumers have a plethora of product options. While CBD tinctures and capsules are some of the most popular products at the moment, CBD beverages are quickly becoming a popular category across the hemp sector. Rather than take a mouthful of CBD oil from a tincture, consumers can now drink an infused glass of lemonade for their daily dose of CBD. CBD drinks are a stellar method of CBD consumption that offers consumers an easy, discreet way to dose throughout the day!

What are CBD Beverages?

Tropical punch CBD-infused beverage with strawberries

CBD beverages is an expanding product category for the hemp CBD market. It is a niche product perfect for consumers who appreciate a discreet method of consumption. With a proper formulation, a CBD drink can be a highly bioavailable CBD product, which enhances the amount of CBD intake accepted by our bodies. CBD drinks come in a variety of forms, and it is essential for consumers to understand the array of products available today.

  • CBD-Infused Beverages
  • Water-Soluble CBD Isolate
  • CBD-Infused Drink Mixes

For those who desire a grab-n-go CBD beverage, the best options are CBD-infused beverages, like CBD water. There is a plethora of CBD waters available on the market. Anyone looking for a DIY CBD beverage, it is best to utilize water-soluble CBD and mix it inwith whatever drinks a consumer desires. Water-soluble CBD isolate opens the door for consumers to dose their beverages with the best dosage for their needs.

Flav cannabis-infused Tropical Punch beverage

For a CBD drink to be an effective product, it must be a water-soluble CBD oil or isolate. CBD is a natural oil, and it does not mix well with water. If a consumer were to pour some CBD tincture into a drink, it would separate from the water and float on top. Not only does this affect the bioavailability of the product, but it doesn’t taste all that great. As a consumer, it is essential to determine that a CBD beverage or mixture uses the proper CBD extract to ensure an effective product.

Premium CBD Drink Mixes on the Market Today

Horchata CBD drink by Flav CBD

There is a multitude of CBD drink brands available on the market. Some of the most popular products in this category are CBD drink mixes or powder. It is similar to a crystal light single-use pack but infused with CBD. Of the brands available nationwide, Flav CBD is at the top. Their proprietary CBD drink mixes are a reliable option for any consumer looking to start a CBD regiment. Flav CBD goes above and beyond other CBD drinks by infusing their mixes with a broad-spectrum CBD oil. Aside from containing pure CBD, all of their products offer a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes derived from the hemp plant. Their proprietary CBD extraction process develops a product that taps into the synergistic effect of multiple cannabinoids. Flav CBD is a broad-spectrum product and is hyper compliant to ensure their CBD drink mixes contain less than 0.3% THC.

Cannabis-infused Horchata by Flav

Every batch of Flav CBD drink mixes is tested by a third-party lab to ensure accurate dosage and a quality product. For those in legal states, Flav even offers a THC drink mix ideal for recreational consumers who enjoy a nice high. Flav is a renowned brand recognized in the cannabis community for its quality, compliant products. Any consumer looking for a refreshing, delicious, and effective CBD beverage will enjoy Flav’s unique product line!

The Potential of the CBD Beverage Market

CBD drinks are quickly hitting the market. While many CBD brands produce a variety of CBD drinks, large corporations and ancillary brands are using the CBD drink market to enter the hemp world. From leaders in the alcohol sector to top soda producers, CBD beverages are the best outlet to get their foot in the door. With this much competition beginning to enter the market, consumers must pay attention to what makes a CBD drink a quality product. Trust experts in the field, like Flav, to answer your questions and deliver some of the highest-quality products found anywhere.

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