Cannabis and Sleep: Tips for Finding Balance as a Regular Smoker

Balance can be struck in anything: day and night, light and dark, sativa and indica, high and sober – the list goes on. While weed is relatively harmless (as far as drugs go), that doesn't mean constantly smoking THC-heavy cannabis is a balanced decision. It's easy to fall into the trap of letting your life revolve around weed far more than it should and breaking that habit is a lot harder.

That's why Leafbuyer is here to give you the best tips and tricks for finding balance as a regular cannabis smoker. No more prioritizing weed over school, sleep, or anything else. You'll never have to choose between quitting cannabis and sleeping through the night ever again.

Instead, you'll have the tools you need to find a balance between weed and everything else. So, read up and get ready to make some changes for the better. A balanced life is a happy life, after all.

Actively Control Your Cannabis Intake

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One of the most difficult parts of being a full-time cannabis smoker is regulating your intake. While smoking weed like it's fresh air every day may be fun in the short-term, it can become difficult to sustain as time goes on. If you've ever wondered if you smoke too much weed, then it's very possible you do.

Try vaping or dabbing CBD throughout the day instead. You don't have to quit weed to have a better relationship with it! The trick is to find a balance between cannabis and the rest of your life. Just find out which parts of your life are being thrown out of balance by cannabis and what you want to change. Vaping or dabbing CBD in place of THC can be a great way to slowly wean off your regular high THC hits without going cold turkey. Just try switching it up and see how you feel.

“I wanted to start the New Year off clear minded and energized, so I decided to quit THC for a few months." Said Brendan Gillis, Founder and CEO of The Vapor Slide. "Don't get me wrong, I have no issues with THC consumption and think it's a godsend for many people. For me personally, it got to a point where I would find myself smoking cannabis unconsciously. I wanted to see how my life would improve if I cut it out for a few months. I quickly found myself having issues falling asleep and feeling irritated during the day after quitting. I turned to our (Vapor Slide) Night & Day Pens (200mg CBD, THC Free) to help. After a few hits of the Day Formula, I was able to focus much better and the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal or cravings went away. A few drags of the Night Formula (200mg CBD, THC Free, CBN) I was able to fall, and stay, asleep."

Switch Up your Strains

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Maybe you have a favorite strain. It makes you feel good, you like the high, and it's what's readily available. The problem with always smoking your favorite strain is, for one, you'll never get to find a new favorite! There are so many fantastic strains out there that sticking to only one is positively criminal.

More importantly, not all strains are great for every occasion. Smoking a sativa strain before bed may lead to problems with cannabis and sleep while smoking an indica in the daytime might have the opposite effect (a day of feeling sluggish and lazy). Instead of spending the entire day on the same high, switch up your strains and have a hit of Green Crack in the morning, a toke of Blue Dream mid-day, and finish off with a smooth puff of Northern Lights.

Think of Cannabis as a Reward

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Smoking before doing certain chores can be fun, but not every aspect of life is easier high. Life is full of unpleasant necessities and being sober for them is just part of the experience. You can simultaneously cut back your cannabis consumption and renew your love for the drug at once by doing one simple thing: think of weed as a reward, not a given. If you wake up and smoke, go out with friends and smoke, get back home and smoke, then have some cannabis and sleep the night away (all to be repeated the next day), then it's likely you aren't really appreciating the weed as much as you used to. Finding balance as a stoner is impossible if you aren't willing to spend some time sober, after all.

Find Balance in Your Life (Outside of Weed)

riding a bike When you spend too much time on any aspect of your life then it will naturally fall out of balance. People who spend too much time socializing, studying, slip n' sliding, or smoking will usually end up neglecting other aspects of their life. To find the perfect balance between cannabis and sleep and everything in between, you need to first focus on balancing your entire life. It's never a bad time for self-improvement and productivity. If your relationship with weed is getting in the way of a balanced life, then it may be time to consider a change. Focus on what you really enjoy and spend more time doing that. A better relationship with cannabis will follow. After all, weed isn't a hobby – you shouldn't treat it like one!

Try Vapor Slide Day and Night Pens

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The absolute best products on the market right now for finding balance as a frequent cannabis smoker are the Day and Night Pens from Vapor Slide (500mg CBD, THC FREE). These pens are an easy, sleek, way to consume CBD throughout the day and into the night.

Broad spectrum CBD – Grand Daddy Purp Indica with CBN for sleep.

CBN could potentially have a variety of effects on the body, such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, pain relief, anti-insomnia and anti-convulsive, act as an appetite stimulant, and as a promoter of bone cell growth.

Broad spectrum CBD – Tangerine Dream Sativa for a daytime focus.

Tangerine Dream – Natural Tangerine flavoring and a Tangie Haze Cannabis Terpene Profile 100% natural, vegan, no GMO.

500mg CBD (total) Distillate Disposable Vaporizers

Offering an Official Transparency Report (OTR as a means to enforce documentation of the entire seed-to-sale manufacturing process of agricultural products consumed by the public to ensure quality!

We talked to experts on the Vapor Slide products and they gave some insight into how they use the Day and Night Pens in their lives:

If you're looking for an alternative to nasty cannabis withdrawal symptoms, then these pens are your best bet. You can curb your cannabis cravings during the day with the CBD Day Pen while simultaneously increasing your focus and helping regulate your energy levels. Emma Bisogno, Marketing Director for, told us about how she uses the Day Pens:

"Although I am a huge advocate for THC, I personally find it hard to focus when I smoke cannabis during the day. The Day Pen CBD formula by Vapor Slide is perfect for me with its Tangie Haze terpene profile giving me energy and focus. I feel like it's a hack into Flow State when I pair it with my morning cup of coffee or tea. My mind is clear and I'm able to stay focused and calm without any energy crashes later on."

The Night Pen, on the other hand, is great for unwinding at the end of the day. The high is relaxing and full of CBD and CBN to make sure your balance between cannabis and sleep stays strong. Matt Schnelle, Consultant, told us about his experience with cannabis and sleep:

"I love taking cannabis edibles before bed to help me fall asleep, but I find they make me groggy and a little slow moving during the day if I take them too late at night or if the THC content is too high. I find a few drags from the Vapor Slide Night Formula with CBD and a little CBN helps me fall asleep easily and I feel rested and ready to go in the morning"

After all, the worst part of quitting smoking weed is the cravings and sleep troubles. Vapor Slide's Day and Night Pens let you experience a balanced life without spending the entire time missing your favorite herb.

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