Canna Oil: Health Benefits & How-to Guide!

holding up CBD oil in a jar

Edibles, in my mind, are the ultimate solution to the itchy tingly throat feelings that smoking can cause, since you just consume the weed. Also, the effects of edibles can consist of a much longer high because the cannabis is physically consumed and intermingles directly with your digestive system. Now, I’m going to fill you in on my FAVORITE type of edible marijuana is how it’s made: Canna Oil. Yes, I know there are other ways to make edibles besides just canna oil, but this oil gives you so many possibilities: you can bake, shake, and sprinkle!

Whether you’re stirring it into your brownie batter, shaking it all over your Caesar salad or sprinkling it in the pan to flip your French toast in, canna oil is the absolute food plug! Wouldn’t you rather knock out lunch and your smoke break all at once? Sidenote: thank you Monday night food prep.

How easy canna oil is to make? All you really need is some virgin olive oil (or regular vegetable oil if you want to use it in a wider variety of recipes), and very finely ground cannabis buds. To join the two, you will need to slowly heat the oil, then occasionally stir in the cannabis. Bring the amazingness to a low-heated simmer while still keeping an eye on it and stirring it sporadically. Next up? Straining process. Once the oil has had time to soak in all of the cannabis goodness, let the mixture cool completely before beginning the straining process. It may be best to use a small mesh strainer so that it’s easier to wring all of the oil out of the cannabis bits. Once that step is finished, slide the oil right on into an airtight bottle and pop that mother into the fridge. You will find recipes for canna oil all over the net, some require 45 minutes, some require 8 hours. If you don’t want to grey out or die of famish before your canna oil is finished, we suggest the 45-minute process.

Wondering what happens to the THC and what makes this concoction canna oil? It’s the actual heating process that allows THC to be released into the oil. Quick note: don’t go overboard with the heatskiis. If you start to bring the boil to the oil, it’s no bueno! A slow steady heat should capture all the necessary THC you’ll need to make an amazing oil-derived dish.

TIP: For those who are new to this “finely ground cannabis” biz, pop your buds in a coffee grinder to break them down. Canna Oil. Canna Coffee. Canna get a “thank you”?

By Shameika Ejiasi