6 Popular Oregon Dispensaries Between Medford and Hillsboro

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Oregon has a long history of cannabis growing and use, acting in 1973 as the first state to decriminalize small amounts of the plant. In addition to this, Oregon is among the first states to approve a medical marijuana market and a recreational market, separated by nearly 20 years. In 1998, medical marijuana was accepted by voters; in 2014, the state approved Measure 91, allowing cannabis to be consumed by anyone age 21 and up.

Marijuana dispensaries in Oregon have begun to thrive under the compound effects of decriminalization and legalization. Both the medical and recreational marijuana markets have lead Oregonians — and, I think, the US at large — to view marijuana as less of a health impediment and/ or criminal issue. Positive investigation and research for medicinal purposes of cannabis — including research on CBD and other cannabinoids — help to further the acceptance into social, legal culture that has, ultimately, abetted marijuana into the legal limelight.

While Oregon marijuana dispensaries catering to recreational customers are only allowed to operate in cities and counties that have not banned the activity — a clause executed through local governments and a provision of Measure 91 — the metro areas running North/ South along I-5 nearly all contain a local dispensary that goes beyond setting the standard. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of the best Oregon marijuana dispensaries. These are the real, bonafide Oregonian mari-winners.

Pharm to Table Dispensary – Medford, OR

Marijuana in the Medford, Oregon metro area serves the communities of southern Oregon, with Pharm to Table Dispensary bringing a clean, hospitable design that provides a modern feel within the space. For the patient and consumer, this forms an environment of respect and, as best as they can, an attentive and individual experience, all while directing you to the product to best address your needs. Located at 3528 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford, Oregon, Pharm to Table offers an exterior like an unpolished wood cabin or a rustic farmhouse, and this theme extends to the interior. Products are merchandised on displays of wooden crates, and even sat atop cut and polished tree stump tables.

The products and the prices are insanely good. $4 dollar select grams, $3 dollar pre-rolls, and select grams of full melt hash for $17 — those prices are just hard to beat.

The Holistic Choice – Salem, OR

The Salem marijuana dispensary The Holistic Choice, or THC, stands out not only for excellence in customer service, they genuinely provide products from local growers that are delicious in flavor, harmonious in effect, and reasonable in price. 1/8ths range from just over $30 to just over $50. A large variety of choices are met by well-informed, patient, and appreciative staff members that — it seems — love to unwind the nuanced mystery or excitement surrounding a strain’s effects, producing captivating interpersonal dialogue that helps match the patient or customer with the product that sounds most excellent to each individual.

The shop is located at 1045 Commercial Street, Salem, Oregon. Check out this google review:

“Love this shop. Always has a variety of flower, cartridges, and oils compared to other shops I have been to. Its family owned so everyone on staff to very friendly and personable. They also weight out flower in front of you which I feel is another personable thing they do. I have never felt any negativity from anyone within all the times I have been in. Also I am SUPER glad they just recently went recreational. Keep up the good work THC, you never seem to disappoint.”

Cannabliss – Eugene, OR

In Oregon, Eugene and marijuana get along just dandy. A quick search on google yields over 25 dispensaries in Eugene alone, with many other metro Eugene area, with Cannabliss coming as one of the highest rated. Cannabliss as a brand currently has four marijuana dispensaries in Oregon; however, the Eugene location is unique in several ways.

Placed within a stone’s throw of the University of Oregon, Cannabliss has titled their Eugene location the “Sorority House”, existing along a row of other greek campus societies. Built in 1902, the building in which Cannabliss purveys it’s marijuana products is itself on the National Register of Historic Places. Eugene marijuana gets no better than the expansive menu — organized by effect and location — that the Sorority House carries. Try Deep Cheese, an awesome local strain that smells like a skunk farted lavender on pine needles.

Nectar – Gresham, OR

Marijuana in Gresham ranges from place to place, based on the vendors, the products, and the growers they partner with. That being said, Nectar, with seven marijuana dispensaries in Oregon alone, offers a consistency in product choice and value that sets up the structure of a repeat experience. The thing that really keeps people coming back? Great staff, excellent deals, and a quick experience that doesn’t skimp on the details. The budtenders are attentive, knowledgeable, and act from a place of calm, approachable professionalism. Located at 505 NW Burnside Road in Gresham, Nectar offers 1/8ths as low as $20 and quarters as low as $39.

Here’s a Google review from early February, 2017:

“Solid people, solid place, solid green through and through. Friendly, helpful, and non pretentious. Love these guys.”

Shango – Hillsboro, OR

Nestled just west of Portland, the city of Hillsboro boasts a series of reputable dispensaries. Again, I’m a fan of having my expectations met and consistency streamlines this. Shango meets this requirement, boasting a line of products that are available across all of their Oregon locations. Th Shango in Hillsboro has marijuana good enough to make the wicked witch of the west not give a damn about sugar because guess who wants a chocolate bar.

That’s right, Shango is the spot for delicious medibles (and some pretty fine recreational ones too) at the right price. They’re delectable in both taste and effect. You can also pick up an 1/8th of their fresh buds for as low as $35.

Tru Cannabis – Portland, OR

The last stop on our northern bound tour of marijuana dispensaries in Oregon: Tru Cannabis.

Tru Cannabis operates medically and recreationally in both Colorado and Oregon — Denver and Portland, respectively. An award-winning brand that features a rotation of 50 strains for all types of effects and consumers, Tru Cannabis has built a patient (and customer) centered awareness, tempered to further educate, through expertise, the greater society on the effects of cannabis. The budtenders are patient, relaxed, and work to encourage an environment where all questions should be answered. Ultimately, they want the patients and customers to understand the products, how they are made, and what effects or flavors they can expect. By providing a one-on-one patient or customer interaction, the highly trained staff can walk you through everything from the vendors they partner with to how and where the plants are grown. You can expect a thorough professionalism that never broaches pushy or competitive. I mean, the prices are super competitive, but that is the only thing that may nudge you towards some more complex purchases.

Tru Cannabis also offers a variety of deals exclusive to Leafbuyer. Click here to see some of the savings you can get when you do a little coupon prep-work before heading into Tru.

Tru cannabis offers ounces of flower as low as $130. Did I mention they’re award-winning?