The 5 Best Cannabis Edibles for Valentine’s Day 2017

best edibles for valentine's day heart box of edibles chocolates

Valentine’s day may be a hallmark holiday, but it’s still a fun holiday where many people can express their love for their special someone. The best thing about Valentine’s day in Colorado is, of course, the incredible amount of chocolates that come out for this special day. Whether you’re a recreational user or a medical cardholder, there are plenty of options out there as far as gifts for your stoner sweetie goes. Show them you love them with these 5 incredible Valentine’s day edibles because after all, couples that smoke together, stick together.

We’re lucky to have so many cannabis chocolatiers here in Colorado who have been stepping up their game in the legal cannabis world all across the country. The following chocolates were designed with the goal of creating an elegant treat for your special someone. The final products are beautiful, high quality, and precisely dosed and as for additional pros, they don’t even taste like cannabis. The five chocolates mentioned below are produced by 5 different firms who all share the same goal of revolutionizing gourmet edibles, which make these the 5 best edibles for Valentine’s day.

These chocolates are decadent and are available for purchase in lavish boxes and tins, several of which come in heart-shaped boxes specifically for Valentine’s day even though they can be purchased all year long. This new breed of gourmet cannabis infused chocolates use the highest quality ingredients along with their gorgeous and unmatched presentation in order to make your (or your sweethearts) experience all the better for edibles. You can expect a nice clean high from each and every one of them, along with a taste that’s better than many of the edibles you can find on an ordinary shelf year-round. These chocolates will be perfect for gift-giving as long as you make sure to dose accurately, so that sensuality is increased instead of knocking your sweetheart straight to sleep.

Here goes nothing!

1. Dulce de Leche Bon Bon

Everybody loves bon bons, and these little guys are a doozy. Along with the gorgeous presentation comes a chocolate made by caramelizing sweetened condensed milk and blending it seamlessly with roasted white chocolate and blended with cream, sugar, and vanilla for the dulce de leche filling. From here the filling is cast in a dark chocolate shell that Altai hand paints. The coolest thing is that you can choose your dosage and the desired feeling, meaning you can choose Indica bon bons or Sativa bon bons at 10mg a piece or 25mg a piece. These chocolates took home 3rd place at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in the edible category. The best part, you won’t be able to taste the cannabis, and the bon bons along with their slick tin packaging will only run you $12.

Altai is produced by a California non-profit medical marijuana collective by the name of Cypress Manufacturing located in Monterey County, California. Aside from these excellent Valentine’s day bon bons, Altai also offers a large variety of gourmet and artisanal edibles with low doses of THC. You can also pick up lozenges, chocolate bars, and truffles.

2. Ralph Hazelnut Butter Truffle

The chocolatiers at To Whom It May have created a truffle with a dosage system that is better than most. For example, if your sweetheart gets hit harder than most by edibles, you can choose a dosage as low as 2 and a half milligrams of THC per chocolate. On the other side, if your sweetheart can handle a higher dosage, these chocolates can also be dosed anywhere from 2.5mg to 45mg of THC per chocolate. You can also customize the number of chocolates you want to pick up, with a small box of 4 up to a large box of 24. Don’t get me wrong, these little devils are expensive, but they’re worth it. These will best-infused truffles you’ll ever experience.

The Ralph Hazelnut Butter truffle is made with an in-house made cannabis infused hazelnut butter which is dipped in dark chocolate, and rolled in toasted hazelnuts. The chocolates will arrive in an ornately designed box in whatever size you selected. The Ralph truffle also comes with a poetic description which will give you something deep to think about while you savor the incredible combination of dark chocolate and roasted hazelnut. A perfect gift for Valentine’s day, even if your sweetie is a lightweight.

3. Yuzu Fruit Chocolate

Crop Circle Chocolates produces three organic fair trade chocolates that come in three different flavors, cinnamon, ginger and Yuzu Fruit. While they’re all pretty good, the yuzu fruit chocolate is truly exceptional, as it took home 2nd place in the edible category at the Oregon Cannabis Cup in 2016. Each chocolate contains almost 70 milligrams of THC, which makes these chocolates by far the highest dosing option available, which is great if you or your sweetheart have a high tolerance for edibles. Each fair trade truffle is made with love using coconut oil and organic kief and available in strain specific flavors. Crop Circle Chocolates also offers high-CBD options in case THC isn’t really your thing.

Crop Circle Chocolates is a family owned and operated business located in Portland, Oregon. Everything comes from these family farmers, including all of the cannabis they produce for their edibles making them truly unique. IF you can find these chocolates, you’re going to love them, and so will your significant other.

4. Cherry Cordials

The Liquid Gold Cherry Cordials from G Farma Labs are stunning, truly. These little bad boys have taken home several Cannabis Cup awards in the edible category, and the reputation is solid with excellent reviews from consumers, judges, and peers alike. These Liquid Gold Cherry Cordials are a cannabis infused twist on the classic chocolate covered cherry. Each cherry contains 25 milligrams of THC, and is available in two flavors, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. You can’t taste the cannabis either, which makes them an excellent choice for gift giving this Valentine’s day.

As a large edible manufacturing company, G Farma Labs stands by their commitment to applying science along with their global resources to help adults improve their general wellbeing through cannabis. With widely available products and a good reputation, these cherry cordials will make an excellent gift.

5. Chili Mango Truffle

The Chili Mango Truffle from Opus Chocolates has become a really popular choice all across the country due largely to the fact that these high quality chocolates contain such an interesting flavor. These cannabis-infused truffles have a sweet, tropical mango flavor along with a subtle bite of a hot chili, all wrapped up in a lusciously smooth chocolate. Opus allows you to choose your experience by offering strain specific options which can create flavors like blackberry sage and tequila lime. Infused with sativa dominant strains and 20 milligrams of THC, these truffles are short to make your special someone smile this Valentine’s day.

Opus Artisan Chocolates is a company committed to creating excellent cannabis infused chocolate that won’t have that weed aftertaste. The master chocolatier at Opus has created an exceptional selection of unique chocolates with very vibrant and distinct flavors that are both delicious and visually stunning. They produce both THC and CBD infused chocolates that contain the freshest locally sourced non-GMO ingredients as well as lovely valentine’s day packaging.