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Romulan Cotton Candy Strain

Indica Hybrid Romulan x Cotton Candy
  • 14.06% THC
  • 0.35% CBD
  • 0.01% CBN
medicinal use Pain PAIN
medicinal use Depression DEPRESSION
medicinal use Nausea NAUSEA
medicinal use Sweet SWEET
medicinal use Sour SOUR
medicinal use Grapefruit GRAPEFRUIT
medicinal use Relaxed RELAXED
medicinal use Euphoric EUPHORIC
medicinal use Creative CREATIVE

Romulan Cotton Candy is a cross between two powerhouse marijuana strains and delivers a balanced high for those lucky enough to find it. This strain is a middle-of-the-road hybrid but can sometimes lean toward indica, though it produces bud shapes typical of a sativa or sativa hybrid. Romulan Cotton Candy is an ideal strain for those looking to relax deeply, as well as medical patients who need great pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

Overview of Romulan Cotton Candy

Romulan Cotton Candy is a hybrid cannabis strain, which usually presents 50 percent indica and 50 percent sativa genetics. Some phenotypes lean further into the indica side, but the appearance of Romulan Cotton Candy buds is distinctly sativa. The nugs are large, long, and tapered. In addition to their sativa-like presence, these buds manifest their indica heritage in their heavy resin output. One unique attribute of Romulan Cotton Candy is the pinkish pistils that dot the nugs, underneath the heavy trichome coating.

Romulan Cotton Candy gets a strong aroma reminiscent of both its parents. At first, you'll notice the incredibly sweet candy smell you'd expect. But underpinning the sweetness is a powerful skunk aroma from the Romulan parent.

This strain isn't too high in THC, and its CBD levels aren't astronomical either. Romulan Cotton Candy is not an easy strain to grow, although seeds are available from multiple reputable banks.

Smoking Romulan Cotton Candy will coat the back of your throat with rich skunky smoke, while the candy takes a backseat. Upon inhalation, the skunkiness easily beats out sweetness as the primary flavor, while a slight hint of spice pops up on the back end. This strain has a ton of myrcene and humulene, as well as a little beta-caryophyllene that adds the spicy kick. Romulan Cotton Candy doesn't tip the scales for CBD or THC content, and most grow test at around 15% THC.

Potential Effects of Romulan Cotton Candy

Romulan Cotton Candy is an excellent cannabis strain for beginners, due to its average THC levels. The high hits quickly but does not peak the way most strains do. The high, therefore, means no head-spinning roller coaster ride to the top, but rather a gradual ascent into a spacey yet energetic mind frame. Bodily effects are calming without creating couch lock, but you can expect the munchies to hit soon after consuming this strain.

Potential Negative Effects of Romulan Cotton Candy

The THC content of Romulan Cotton Candy is low, and the risks associated with this strain are minimal. It's difficult to consume enough for adverse effects, but dry mouth is always possible with cannabis.

Lineage of Romulan Cotton Candy

This strain's name tells you what you need to know of its descent. Bred by Federation Seeds, this strain is a cross between heavy indica Romulan and sativa Cotton Candy. With the 50/50 split, breeders hoped to create an experience that takes the positives of both strains and rolls them into one.

Growing Romulan Cotton Candy

Romulan Cotton Candy isn't a strain for novice growers. The main drawback is low yields, which can sometimes veer into moderate when produced by an experienced hand. Combining the smaller returns with the low THC content makes this strain more trouble than it's worth for most people. That said, the flowering time is short, at eight to nine weeks.

Where to Find Romulan Cotton Candy

The legal cannabis market loves high-THC strains, leading Romulan Cotton Candy to fall out of favor. If you're looking to purchase Romulan Cotton Candy in a dispensary, you're best off looking at dispensaries in Colorado and Oregon.

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