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Lavender Strain

Lavender is an indica strain created by Soma Seeds. This indica dominant hybrid can have effects ranging from mild to heavy body sedation, depending on phenotype. Also called Lavender Kush, Lavender is known for its distinct floral aroma. Lavender is a perfect strain for casual relaxation and can take the edge off stress with just a couple of puffs. Its THC content varies from batch to batch, and the psychoactive effects are always mild. Growing Lavender should be done by semi-experienced gardeners, given attentiveness the maintenance requires.


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Overview of Lavender

Lavender is an 80% indica, 20% sativa hybrid. Its somewhat even balance extends to its appearance, with Lavender buds being dense and rounded. Thanks to the Afghani genetics in its background, this strain produces a ton of resin. Even when nugs are quite dry, they still put up a good deal of resistance to being broken up and ground.

The forefront of Lavender‚??s aroma is, of course, lavender. Lavender has a generally sweet scent with floral undertones. Upon breaking open a bud, you‚??ll be greeted by a thick and spicy aroma, reminiscent of hash. The smoke from lavender is smooth and expansive, making for a relaxing smoking experience.

Lavender is one of the most variable strains out there, with some flower testing as low as 15%, and other batches maxing out at around 23% THC. CBD levels reach almost 1%, making Lavender good for therapeutic effects. Lavender is a multiple cannabis cup winner, having won four separate first place titles at the High Times 2005, Spannabis 2007, IC420 2010, and HighLife 2014 cups.      

Potential Positive Effects of Lavender

Lavender is a delightfully relaxing strain. Soon after smoking it, you‚??ll notice a release of deep-seated tension, followed by the steady build of a thrilled head high. In the background, physical relaxation makes it possible to unwind and let your cares go for a couple of hours. Lavender has barely any psychoactive effects, making it ideal for first-time users or those who tend toward paranoia.

Potential Medical Effects of Lavender

Medical Patients love Lavender because it‚??s excellent at knocking chronic pain down several notches. This strain‚??s pain-relieving qualities kick in fast and stick around for longer than average. Lavender is excellent at stimulating appetite, and its physically relaxing properties can also help issues in the GI tract.

Those suffering from anxiety will appreciate Lavender‚??s soothing high, which hardly ever gives over to paranoia. Depressive symptoms may potentially be more manageable with the aid of this strain.

Potential Negative Effects of Lavender

On the flip side, smoking too much Lavender often results in extremely bloodshot eyes that even eye drops have trouble concealing. Dry mouth can also occur, so keep a beverage nearby!

Lineage of Lavender

Lavender was created by the legendary Soma, from a blend of internationally-sourced strains. The big three are:

Growing Lavender

Lavender is a fun and productive grow for those who have seen a bit of past growing experience. A unique purple coloring of the leaves occurs during growth. This strain has a high calyx to leaf ratio, and it is relatively easy to keep adequately manicured. If you‚??re growing indoors, take into account Lavender grows tall.


Outdoor growers should know that Lavender is best suited to more arid climates, but can also thrive in nearly any temperate zone. A successful grow cycle of Lavender can produce three to six ounces of flower per square foot planted.

Where to Find Lavender

Despite its popularity on the West Coast, Lavender hasn‚??t made much headway east of Colorado. Your best bets for scoring some of this relaxing strain are Denver, Los Angeles, and Portland.

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