Why There Shouldn’t Be a Stigma for Parents Smoking Marijuana

Father Smoking Marijuana
Photo by: Darren J. Bradley/Shutterstock

Father Smoking Marijuana
Photo by: Darren J. Bradley/Shutterstock
Marijuana is an extremely intricate plant, and it contains a wide variety of cannabinoids aside from THC (the chemical that gets users high). Oftentimes, marijuana users consume the plant for medicinal reasons, and many parents are included in that category. There are lots of reasons why people consume marijuana, but there’s still a stigma associated with marijuana despite the large amount of research and studies that have come out regarding the plant’s benefits and overall efficacy. Slowly but surely, the stigma of marijuana is dissipating, but a stigma remains for parents who smoke marijuana. Read on to learn why this shouldn’t be the case and why smoking marijuana should be accepted across the board.

Marijuana Medicinal Properties and Benefits

Marijuana contains a surplus of medicinal properties and benefits regardless of which strain is consumed. Although smoking marijuana is the least healthy consumption method, it’s a common one, especially among younger crowds. However, some parents smoke marijuana too, and they shouldn’t be ostracized for it. One reason why the stigma should disappear for parents who smoke marijuana is because a large majority of parents do it for valid reasons and with good intentions.

Reasons for Smoking Marijuana

In addition, it’s very possible for parents to struggle with anxiety, depression, pain, and other medical conditions, diseases, and/or illnesses, just like any other person. As a result, if a parent chooses to smoke marijuana instead of taking an opioid or pharmaceutical medication to treat their issue, their quality of life and well-being is different, and some would say it’s better. Parents get stressed out just as much as any other average person, and sometimes more so, depending on their specific situation.

Therefore, there shouldn’t be a stigma for parents smoking marijuana if their reasons are valid, if they’re consuming the plant responsibly ether for medicinal purposes or to de-stress after their kids go to sleep or to a friend’s house. We all have our issues and daily struggles, including parents. If smoking marijuana provides relief to those parents and helps them combat whichever issue (medical-related or not) that they’re dealing with, then a stigma shouldn’t exist.

Why Stress Can Be a Downward Spiral and How Smoking Marijuana Can Help

Nowadays, society operates at such a fast pace, regardless of where you live or what you do for a living. At the end of the day, each of us deals with stress in some shape or form depending on where we are in our lives, who we surround ourselves with, the underlying/internal issues we battle with, and the things we need to accept and let go of. Parents are one group of people who feel stressed often, especially if they have to take care of multiple children in addition to other daily tasks.

According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, chronic stress has become a public health crisis. Additionally, stress has been shown to have a significant impact on Americans’ physical and emotional health. In particular, most Americans suffer from moderate to high stress, and 44 percent of Americans reported that their stress level increased over the past five years. As a result, people are turning towards forms of stress-relievers, and marijuana is one of them.

Although some people prefer consuming alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs to treat their stress, a lot of people, including parents, have turned towards smoking marijuana instead. Fortunately, after smoking marijuana, stress and anxiety tend to disappear (as long as you consume the right strain), and life is put into a different perspective. Many parents enjoy smoking marijuana because they can still be present and mindful while also letting go of the negativity and stress that weigh them down during the day.

If you’ve ever been stressed before or if you’ve witnessed your parents experience stress, then you would understand why they’d want to consume a natural form of medicine to relieve their stress, worries, and anxieties. This is why a stigma should no longer exist among parents who smoke marijuana, especially if they do so for stress-related reasons.

Unfortunately, stress can take a serious toll on our bodies, physically, mentally, and emotionally, depending on the magnitude of it. Therefore, if parents and other individuals can legally consume marijuana to combat their stress without letting it consume their lives, then why shouldn’t they?

Marijuana Changes Outlook on Life

Mother Smoking Marijuana
Photo by: David Prado Perucha/Shutterstock
For those of you who have experienced depression, negativity, or similar feelings before, you know how difficult it can be to live your life day after day while feeling so miserable. Unfortunately, a lot of parents battle with depression and regular negativity, especially if they’re under a great deal of stress. As a result, many parents have tried smoking marijuana as an attempt to relieve their depression-like symptoms, especially if they live in a U.S. state where marijuana is recreationally legal.

It has been found through a neuroscience study conducted at the University of Buffalo that chronic stress is one major cause of depression. However, it was discovered that using components derived from the marijuana plant can restore normal endocannabinoid function, which could potentially help stabilize moods and ease depression, according to Dr. Haj Dahmane, lead conductor of this study.

With this being said, it’s very common for stressed-out individuals and parents to fall into a depression-like state, which isn’t good for anybody. Therefore, if parents decide to smoke marijuana to receive some relief, they should be accepted for their decision rather than ostracized or stigmatized.

Overall, the stereotypical stigma shouldn’t be attached to marijuana anymore, especially because of the variety of medical studies and research that have been done, which show the benefits of consuming marijuana.

From now on, if you find out that your friends’ parents or your neighbors’ parents are smoking marijuana, think twice before you judge or stigmatize them for this decision, because they’re choosing a healthier option as compared to alcohol and other drugs that don’t deliver any concrete medicinal properties.

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Article by: Nicole Skrobin