There are many world renowned celebrities and artists who are known to have dabbled in our favorite Earthy plant. Whether they admit consumption during interviews or are just plain open about their cannabis usage, these recognized celebs seem to be skipping the tickets, arrests and any other form of penalization when it comes to publicly smoking marijuana. Or are they?

You may be wondering how it’s possible for you to have gotten a hefty ticket for smoking in the park with a few friends while the stars get off “Scott-free” when smoking in front of thousands of fans during concerts or being caught in the act by the paparazzi.

Don’t rush to judgment so quickly. You see, celebrities DO often get penalties for smoking marijuana. It’s just that they don’t sit in holding cells. Why? Because with enormous amounts of money comes what? That’s right, an enormous ability to escape the law by paying pricey lawyers and huge bail amounts. Yes, it does go on their record, but many celebrities may not care as they’re already rich and established. It’s not like prospective record labels and other artists are running drug tests on artists like Snoop Dogg and denying them of label opportunities and ill collabs.Photo_Cred_Chris_Gilmore_Flickr_Afroman_Smoking_Shameika_Edits

We know that many celebrities smoke weed. Stars like Willie Nelson, Seth Rogan, Miley Cyrus, Megan Foxx, and Susan Sarandon have all admitted to smoking cannabis, but they’re smart about their revelations, the “when” and “where” of their “crime” have been left out of interviews and Q&A sessions, making it impossible for law enforcement to properly place charges. Ever heard of the statute of limitations? What about corroborating evidence?

The real question is: Is there evidence of a particular instance that proves those celebrities are really using drugs? Is the prosecution absolutely positive that the joint Snoop Dogg is publicly smoking on stage isn’t just hand-rolled tobacco? Can you smell the haze through each paparazzi snap? Undeniably, no, and neither can law enforcers. Without substantial evidence, not even a confession will hold up in court.

Some may even say that crimes that aren’t of the felony aspect (possessing or smoking small amounts of marijuana in some states) may not be worth the time, money and manpower that comes along with an investigation, but we’re sure that will come at a case by case basis.

So yeah, celebrities and dope ass rappers may seem to be let off the hook for smoking in public, but behind the scenes and off the stage there *are* repercussions. In fact, Wiz Khalifa has been arrested for weed about 21 times. Police may not tackle these performers right on stage, but they’re watching them just like they watch regular joe’s.

By Shameika Ejiasi