Top 5 Cannabis Social Media Influencers

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Cannabis has been a thriving aspect of countercultures for decades. Having inspired tons of movies, books, and memes, weed culture is alive and well, and showing no signs of stopping. Thanks to constantly expanding avenues for communication in the digital age, cannabis social media has exploded in the past few years. If you're into marijuana and increasing your consumption of the culture, you'll want to check out these five social media influencers:

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1. Snoop Dogg

You can't mention cannabis influencers without giving a shout-out to Snoop. As one of the OGs who helped bring blunts into the mainstream, he's quite active on social media. You can often find him on Instagram, posting about the hypocrisy of cannabis prohibition. You'll also find quite a catalog of selfies and posts about some of the cool stuff he gets up to in his free time. For example, he posts frequently about his youth football team and has recently been giving us some snapshots of his new gospel album. Who knew?

2. Joel Hradecky

CustomGrow420 is a YouTube channel run by weed nut Joel Hradecky. His channel started out as a collection of crazy smoking stunts, including a full gram dab among other terrifying feats. Nowadays, he mostly sticks to product reviews. After all, he's got nearly one and a half million subscribers, and companies are clamoring for him to test out their stuff. This is a great channel to follow if you're looking for new cannabis products and want an in-depth unboxing and review. But be warned: he can be pretty obnoxious.

3. Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong Instagram CoverOf the beloved pair, Chong is more active on social media than his counterpart Cheech. The cannabis social media guru shares a steady stream of weed memes on his Instagram, punctuated with articles relating to prohibition and legalization. Scrolling down his Instagram feed, you're guaranteed to laugh… but there's a good chance you'll learn something too!

4. Koala Puffs

This entry is an up-and-coming Instagrammer with a simple premise: pairing a pretty face with hilarious facial expressions and a whole lot of weed. Most of her content is pictures or video of her smoking or vaping, and if you're interested in finding hot new cannabis products, you'll enjoy her reviews. It can be difficult to find a decent review that shows how a product works and is totally honest about its quality, so follow koala.puffs to find the coolest products on the market.

5. Dabbing Granny


One of our personal favorites in cannabis social media, Dabbing Granny describes herself as "a cannabis advocate and silly entertainer" active on YouTube and Instagram. Like the name suggests, she is a grandma who records herself doing dabs, often accompanied by a shot or a pint of beer. The sheer fact that she manages to do this all day, every day, is impressive, but she's also a favorite for her massive collection of heady glass and otherwise awesome dab rigs. She's very active in the cannabis space, and you'll see her at many of the major industry events. She even made several appearances at the 2018 Las Vegas Champs Show!

Quality cannabis social media is hard to come by when everybody and their dog is on Instagram. Hopefully these suggestions point you in the right direction!