This Week in Weed News: One Big Step for Marijuana


We’re back again with this week’s roundup of weed news! Recently we discussed the effects of legalization in Nevada, California, and Uruguay. This week, the slow march of legalization moves forward again, and two new studies show what many of us already know: that cannabis may, in fact, be more helpful than harmful. Read on for the dank details on these fascinating weed news pieces.

#3. Decriminalization in New Hampshire

The first weed news article we will be looking at comes from the great state of New Hampshire While eight states and the District of Columbia have fully legalized recreational use of marijuana, the rest of the country remains unsure of itself. However, progress is continually being made, as evidenced by the state of New Hampshire’s decision to decriminalize possession.

Previously, the state’s attitude toward marijuana has been extremely harsh. Even the smallest amount of cannabis would get you slapped with a fine up to $2000 and up to a full year in prison! After the new bill goes into effect, there will be no threat of jail time for carrying up to three-quarters of an ounce of cannabis, and cops will be forbidden to make arrests solely on the basis of low-level marijuana possession.

As for the under-aged, individuals under 18 who are caught with marijuana get something like a three strikes program. For the first three offenses, they will receive escalating fines but no jail time and their fines will go to addiction treatment.

New Hampshire’s move means that all of New England has now decriminalized marijuana. It’s a fitting step for a state whose motto is “live free or die”, but full legalization is still ways off.

#2. Marijuana’s Medical Resume: Anti-Inflammatory?

Weed news is often chock full of political action, but science has been slower to catch up. Now that legalization is a reality in so many places; there’s more marijuana research going on than ever before. The most recent discovery comes from the University of Illinois and provides a fascinating insight into how cannabis can provide healing.

healthy heartResearch suggests that certain foods containing a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which our bodies convert to endocannabinoids, are helpful in reducing inflammation. These foods might be critical in reducing inflammation, and the University of Illinois team discovered that the endocannabinoids produced through conversion of omega-3 fatty acids work in a very similar way to the cannabinoids in THC. What does this mean? Primarily, it provides early evidence suggesting that even the psychoactive THC can have legitimate benefits, and backs up all the anecdotal evidence as well. It’s not just CBD that has therapeutic uses, and this study may help drive further investigation of THC.

#1. Can Cannabis Help Cure Addiction?

Ready for the strangest entry in our roundup of weed news? You’ve probably heard the instructions “puff puff pass,” but now one rehab center is making it their mantra. That’s right; the aptly named High Sobriety treatment center is trying a new approach to help wean patients off of the hard stuff.

While many skeptics are in an uproar over the unconventional strategy, the mission of the organization is to use marijuana to help transition individuals off of opioids, alcohol, and other lethal substances. The scientific jury is still out, but the center believes its strategy is working – and some patients seem to agree.

High Sobriety may be pioneering a whole new way to treat addiction, but only time will tell.

Thanks for checking out this week’s weed news – come back soon for more developments in the world of weed.


Article By: Spencer Grey