The CannAbility Foundation’s Jack Splitt 7/10 Fundraiser and Silent Auction

Child and Adult Hands Holding Cancer Ribbon
Photo by: SewCream/Shutterstock


This July 10th, Leafbuyer is sponsoring the CannAbility Foundation’s Jack Splitt Fundraiser and Silent Auction.

Please join us for an evening us education, music, and fun. Proceeds from the event will go to help Jack’s medical needs and the CannAbility Foundation, a non-profit helping parents of children with special needs gain safe access to medical marijuana education, resources, information, advocacy, and peace of mind.

Jack Splitt is a bright and curious 14-year-old living with severe cerebral palsy and dystonia. His condition requires full time nursing care, life support, and a wheelchair. His mother Stacey has been struggling to treat the disease since Jack’s infancy.

Sorting through a maze of treatments and options is daunting, and the most powerful support and reliable information has historically come from other road-tested parents through parent-to-parent networks. Recently, Jack, like a number of others like him in Colorado, has been using cannabis to control his dystonia. The impacts were immediate, and his quality of life improved significantly.
Further, he was able to reduce, and in some cases, completely eliminate, his dependence on life-limiting, sedating medications. Stacey has been a long-time advocate for rights of children living with disabilities, and her roots in policy were developed in the 1990’s when she worked on international trade agreements and anti-trust policy on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. So when Jack became the center of a conflict between ADA and cannabis laws for schools in 2015, Stacey championed the issue. The governor signed Jack’s Amendment in May 2015. (
The amendment provides safe access to cannabis on school property, allowing kids using cannabis treatments to attend school with their medication.This opened the portal for parents across Colorado, and across the country, to reach out to Stacey for like-minded support, and CannAbility was formed. CannAbility seeks to offer a peer (parent) network of support for Colorado residents and cannabis refugees, and parents of children living with illness or disability. CannAbility provides support, resources, education and access to cannabis for parents of kids living with an illness or disability in a safe, nurturing environment. The money earned goes towards participating family living expenses, including Jack’s expenses, as well as education, advocacy and parent support systems.
CannAbility was founded to provide support, resources, education and access to cannabis for parents of kids living with an illness or disability. Parents seeking options through the medical and recreational laws of Colorado are often overwhelmed with options, and underwhelmed with outcomes. CannAbility seeks to close the gap for parents seeking cannabis treatments for their kids living with an illness or disability.
If you can’t attend the event but want to support Jack and the CannAbility Foundation, please visit the link below to donate-