The 5 Best Colorado Dispensary Instagram Accounts

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Instagram is a great tool to check out dispensaries before you shop. It gives you the opportunity to get a feel for the company culture of the dispensary in question as well as take a look at some of the products available for purchase without actually having to take the trip to the dispensary or call ahead and ask. Dispensaries that are active on Instagram are more in tune with their consumer base, and overall start to build relationships with their medical consumers or customers online. A lot of dispensaries hold contests and giveaways on Instagram. We’ve spent some time recently poking around on this social platform, and after consideration, we’ve compiled a list of the most noteworthy dispensaries we’ve seen so far. Let’s dive in:

  1. Sweet Leaf

Sweet Leaf Marijuana is one of those shops that has spread across the country. With 9 stores, Sweet Leaf has spread from its several locations in Colorado over to Oregon, but the fact remains that the Instagram account is local, and therefore, they make our ‘best of’ list. The cool thing about Sweet Leaf is its involvement in the cannabis community and culture, which may be responsible for the overwhelming amount of patronage these shops receive. Sweet Leaf was rated in the Top 5 of grossing marijuana brands in the U.S. with 9 dispensaries throughout Colorado, Oregon, and growing! Whether you’re a medical consumer or a recreational purchaser you’ll find what you need at Sweet Leaf.

Why is Sweet Leaf a must-follow? Their Instagram profile is overwhelmingly popular because of the insight to company culture they provide. Not only are the images of staff and the stores almost professional, the photos of their product is breathtaking. There’s a photo on there of some wax that looks light straight up frosted peanut butter, as well as a lot of pictures that contain cannabis fun facts, making Sweet Leaf different, because they focus a lot on educating people. They even have a few classes on their website to learn the ropes about weed.

  1. Medicine Man

This dispensary is impressive. Words can’t really even do it justice. As a family business, Medicine Man in Denver sees cannabis for what it is. Beautiful and useful. Quality is a point of pride for the Medicine Man family, so they keep complete control over the growing process all the way through to ensure that the products they put on the shelves are consistent, always. This meticulous focus on quality and pricing has helped Medicine Man to grow into the largest single cannabis dispensary in Denver. Starting as a medical only facility in 2010, Medicine Man opened its doors to recreational customers in 2014. So now, whether you’re a medical consumer or a recreational consumer, there’s plenty for you to try.

As for the Medicine Man Instagram account: Medicine Man is severely underrated. Instead of a single daily post, every week Medicine Man publishes a massive 3 photo image, so that when you’re looking at the profile on a desktop or a mobile device, you can see the full design in the grid view. They took it upon themselves to take a much more unique approach to being social on Instagram, which really sets them aside. The photos here are of the highest quality and it’s by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram accounts out there. I know that I get excited every time they get ready to post something, so you should too.

  1. Epic Remedy

Based in Colorado Springs with a sister location also located in the Springs, Epic Remedy has a pretty wide Instagram portfolio. The ER provides their medical consumers with the highest quality cannabis products at the best value. With the goal of growing cannabis with only the most exceptional aroma, flavors, and effects, The ER sets themselves apart in quality for their consumers. Epic Remedy is also neat because they really make an effort to connect with the local community in Colorado Springs so that they can supply the best product to their medical consumers. They also interact consciously and thoughtfully with just about everyone in the community.

The Epic Remedy (AKA The ER) is an Instagram must-follow because of their insanely gorgeous concentrates. For me personally, The ER showcases the things they have in store, and they use Instagram as a medium to communicate with more people, which is something I like a lot. The ER also shares a lot of user-generated content, which makes people more inclined to share how much they’re enjoying their product with them, so that they always know how they’re doing. Overall, this dispensary feels very homey, and it’s easy to engage with them. Their feed is also pretty and exciting, which puts them on our list.

  1. Elevations Dispensary

Elevations in Colorado Springs boasts the largest concentrated selection of any medical dispensary in the state. This medical dispensary is a standalone dispensary with no sister locations, but the single store is worth checking out, especially if you’re a concentrate connoisseur. Elevations prides themselves on providing top shelf weed at stellar prices for members and non-members alike. Reviews say that their staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Aside from their massive concentrate and edible selections, Elevations also offers quality bud. Whether you are looking for medical weed on a budget or some of the finest quality hand trimmed and cured cannabis you can buy in the state of Colorado, they’ve got something for you.

What about Instagram? The Elevations Instagram showcases what they’re best at, which is, of course, providing consumers with an unmatched concentrate selection. The photos show that most of their concentrates are produced by Colorado concentrate companies with the trim they produce from the flower they grow in house. You can also see great photos of staff and the celebrities that have stopped in and visited. Overall, if you like looking at dab porn in a clean and sleek atmosphere, the Elevations Instagram account is by far one of the best to follow.

  1. Ballpark Holistic Dispensary

Ballpark is a recreational and medical dispensary in downtown Denver two blocks away from Coors field, hence the name. They believe that all marijuana consumers have a right to access holistic product in a private, professional, safe and supportive environment. They take pride in the fact that they provide their medical consumers with a legal means of obtaining product of superior quality. They know what customers expect from a holistic medical facility and they provide an exemplary standard. If you want flower, edibles, concentrates, drinks, and more, check out Ballpark. If you weren’t convinced, consider that Ballpark has taken home plenty of High Times awards since 2009, as well as honored as one of the Top 5 Colorado Recreational Dispensaries at the 2014 Cannabis Awards. They also won Denver’s Best Recreational Dispensary at the 2015 Munchie Cup.

Ballpark has an awesome Instagram, too. They definitely have a sense of humor, and they know how to use their memes, unlike a lot of other brands trying to make it in the digital space. Even though they don’t have thousands of followers, the followers they do have are engaged with the content Ballpark produces. Check out Ballpark’s Instagram if you’re interested in high-quality pictures of dispensary happenings, flower, edibles, and concentrates as well as memes and dogs, you’ll love it.

So that’s the list! Have you seen any other noteworthy Colorado dispensaries on Instagram we may have missed? Let us know!