Lightshade Presents: How to Dab Video

Our good friends over at Lightshade created an awesome video we wanted to share with you guys about the different kinds of concentrates and how to dab them safely. Check out this video with Lightshade’s 6th Ave assistant manager, Michael Phelps, who describes what dabbing is, the benefits of dabbing and the various types of concentrates available. Although unknown to some, concentrate consumption — and more specifically dabbing — is quickly gaining popularity as one of the purest ways to consume cannabis.

The video starts off by covering what dabbing is. Phelps says,

“Dabbing is the process of vaporizing a concentrated form of THC or other cannabinoids that are found within cannabis either by heating the nail with a torch and then bringing the product to the nail, or by heating another apparatus and bringing that apparatus to the concentrate in order to vaporize the product and get it into your bloodstream a little bit quicker. For me, it has become my preferred method of consuming cannabis.”

Next, the video covers everything that makes dabbing great and why many pot smokers opt for dabbing as compared to other more traditional methods. “For many people, it’s basically the ease of access or how quickly you can consume cannabis,” Phelps said. “For others, it’s going to be the potency because you’re able to get more active CBD or THC, or whatever is in the product. It’s also going to be a more clean method of consumption. Many doctors are going to tell you that vaporizing cannabis is going to be one of the preferred methods of cannabis consumption, and so it’s not only faster but it’s also a lot cleaner.”

From there, Lightshade covered the different types of concentrates, and how you may dab certain concentrates a little differently than others. Phelps covered wax and all of its other names, shatter and it’s different terms, live resin, distillates, and full melts, all of which were made from Lightshade strains.

Phelps also discussed what someone needs to do dabs, since there are a few more and different pieces than the tools needed to consume cannabis by other means.

“To start out, you’re definitely going to need a torch.”

You’ll also need a water pipe, which is similar to a bong but has a nail designed for dabbing. In the video, Phelps used a quartz nail, but titanium, glass, and other materials can also be used as dabbing nails.

“Beyond that, you’ll need a dab tool as well. There are multiple different styles just like the nail, but for the tool, you’re going to use it to get the product out and apply it to the hot nail.”

The Lightshade setup also included cotton swabs to clean off the nail after dabbing, and a timer to use after heating the nail so that your dab is at the perfect temperature.

After setting everything up, Michael Phelps shows everyone how to dab, starting at 4:20, which was either planned, or a really awesome accident.

If you haven’t seen the full video, we urge you to check it out above or take a look at it on Lightshade’s blog, which is full of really awesome information. Lightshade prides themselves on educating their customers about the products, effects, and consumption methods available to best suit their needs. If you have any further questions after watching, don’t hesitate to give them a shout or pop into one of their shops.

Thanks for watching, and a huge thanks to Lightshade for this awesome video.