California Weed Nuns Commune with a Higher Power

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To the unknowing passerby, the Sisters of the Valley appear to be regular ol’ Catholic nuns. Yet, beneath the coif and habit (the technical names for a nun’s white hat and black tunic), the Sisters of the Valley have embraced a different, more cannabis-friendly form of spiritual doctrine.

The weed nuns of California do not link their devotion to the higher power of cannabis to the religious doctrine from where their garments were first introduced. Instead, these nuns derive their piety through the careful production of hemp-based cannabis products designed for health and relaxation, which are sold online.

A Canna-Nunnery minus Religion?

california weed nuns

These self-proclaimed sisters are entirely unaffiliated with religion from where their outfits are generally associated. Rather than dependence to religious doctrine, the Sisters of the Valley become sisters based on a paid wage and commercial relationship just like any other job. Yet, rather than forging sisterhood out of office friendships in industries which pay but don’t mean much to the employee, these sisters are forging their bond over the enriching, fun, and honorable work of crafting healing, non-traditional hemp products, as well as other healthful items and products such as incense and sage.

Located an hours drive from Yosemite National Park, the weed nuns of California do everything from growing to processing on their farm in Merced, CA. Neighboring produce and nut farms, the Sisters of the Valley operate on a single acre plot of land with two ranch houses and a garage/ greenhouse. The central valley, where the Sisters operate their business is a much more conservative and less marijuana-friendly place than much of California as a whole, making their non-holy cannabis enterprise a prime target for local complaints. Still, the seven sister crew are doing just fine.

Beginning in 2014, the Sisterhood has seen annual sales increase from $60,000 in 2015 to over $750,000 by 2016. Despite such robust growth, California’s weed nuns have continually been withheld from profits by the costly and confusing status of cannabis on the federal level. Though hemp production is increasingly being liberalized across the country, the Sisters ship their products to states and countries across the world, each having very different laws about hemp products, making compliance with them while US federal law (under the Trump Administration) retains a looming precedent over state hemp and marijuana law more complicated than cost effective. Additionally, they have security around the clock to protect their crop.

Despite the legal malaise, these weed nuns are humbled by the growing demand for their products while remaining more passionate about the healing properties of cannabis than discouraged by the prohibitive legal status federally. Each of their hemp-based products is derived from strains of cannabis which are naturally low in THC, the psychoactive element to marijuana producing the “high”, and are instead rich in CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive and research done thus far on the cannabinoid substance suggests a very broad range of potential health benefits.

Each of their products is made in batches based on the cycle of the moon. The sisters burn sage and bless each of their products with love and care – an energy the sisters wish to impart upon every product they produce.

The Products

California’s weed nuns currently offer three (3) hemp-based cannabis products and three non-hemp aromatherapy products. Variety should never be a determinant of quality, after all.

CBD-infused Oil

A brilliant mixture of expertly grown, trimmed, and processed marijuana into a uniform, potent coconut oil solution, the CBD-infused oil produced by the Sisters of the Valley comes at a price of $37.50 per bottle. Each bottle is one (1) ounce or roughly 30 milliliters. Each batch contains roughly 200mg of CBD per bottle and each bottle include a dropper for accurate dosing. Each batch is lab tested and blessed.

CBD-infused Tincture

Extracted into food-grade alcohol, the weed nuns of California have created a tincture with all the terpenes of whole hemp and over 200mg of CBD per bottle. Compassionately extracted into a flavorful, easy to use hemp product while remaining discreet and potent, the Sister’s tincture is among their top selling items. Currently, one (1) ounce or 30 milliliters is priced at $37.50 per bottle (dropper included).

CBD-infused Salve

The Sisters highest priced item at $95 per eight (8) ounce container, the CBD salve is a hemp-infused topical product effective at soothing muscle soreness, relaxing muscle tension, and reducing stress. The Sister’s top selling product is made up of primarily coconut oil, hemp, and beeswax and the Sister’s further add in vitamin E, calendula, and lavender oils to create a pleasant smelling and deeply healing salve.

Sage and Holywood

Burned at every blessing, Clary Sage has been used as a spiritual cleanser, removing bad energy from the immediate environment, for thousands of years. Holy wood, also known as Palo Santo, is a mystical Spanish tree whose scent is associated with clearing energies. Both of these richly spiritual and deeply awakening aromas are bundled and sold by California’s weed nuns for use in the home, at ceremonies, or for personal spiritual empowerment. The Sisters, knowing you can’t always burn sage, has also crafted a powerful perfume of Sage, perfect for the traveler and the spiritual.

As California gears up to implement their recreational market, the Sisters of the Valley continue to produce great products in a truly unique way. Check out their website.