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senior citizens smoking legal weedWhen asked to imagine a cannabis user, chances are that most people picture young adults enjoying recreational marijuana products. However, many people fail to consider the medical side of marijuana use and the benefits that cannabis products can have for everyone, including senior citizens.

How can senior citizens benefit from cannabis? As it turns out, marijuana products can help older users in more ways than you might think. From lifestyle improvement to overall health and wellness, weed might be the secret ingredient to a better you. So, if you’re eligible to join AARP, or if you’re caring for older parents, you may want to consider enlisting in some of Mary Jane’s benefits as well.

Pain relief

The most commonly referenced medical benefit of marijuana is its ability to numb, lessen, or otherwise relieve different body pains. Cannabis is known to help users treat chronic pain, muscle aches, and even mild to extreme flare-ups of arthritis. Since people are more likely to experience bodily aches and pains as they continue to age, these benefits present a very persuasive argument for senior citizens to give medical marijuana a try.

Mental disorders and illnesses

Cannabis is also known to alleviate the effects of mental disorders and illnesses, which can become more prevalent with age. As a generally relaxing drug, marijuana is often used to relieve anxiety, lighten the effects of depression, and manage the daily struggles of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Beyond that, it is frequently consumed as a sleeping aid and can help individuals with sleeping disorders, such as insomnia (which research shows affects up to 60% of older adults, and which in turn may contribute to depression) or night terrors, to fall quickly into a restful sleep.

In addition to these impressive medical benefits, marijuana is also being used as a potential treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to proving therapeutic for those suffering from memory loss, some of the studies in the aforementioned article have shown that THC and CBD treatments may actually delay the progression of Alzheimer’s, and do so safely.

Medical conditions

In terms of treating medical conditions, marijuana has been noted to be beneficial in treating a wide variety of diseases and physical ailments. Users with tremors, due to any number of causes, including Parkinson’s Disease, can find relief with cannabis use. There is even some research that shows cannabis as a potential treatment for diabetes.

Medical marijuana use is especially common with cancer patients. In addition to fighting many negative side effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, pain, and loss of appetite, certain cannabis strains have also been shown to attack and inhibit cancer cells and their growth.

senior citizen pain relief marijuanaSomething that many senior citizens have to consider is the potential interactions that may occur between multiple medications. These interactions can lead to side effects such as nausea, loss of appetite, physical tremors, depression, or anxiety. And as we already know, marijuana can be incredibly helpful in treating such conditions.

Finally, while cannabis use is not generally recommended for early- to mid-stage glaucoma due to the interruption of blood flow to the optic nerve, it has been proven to lower intraocular pressure and can provide temporary relief for users with late-stage glaucoma.

Beyond treatment

It can be easily concluded that marijuana is medically beneficial. But cannabis users often experience benefits beyond the aforementioned medical treatments. In addition to providing a much-needed break from the pain, marijuana products are much safer than most prescription medications (especially painkillers) as cannabis is not physically addictive. There are also many ways to take advantage of the medical benefits of marijuana without actually smoking it. Topical products, tinctures, edibles, and even water infusions can help to bring relief without adding the additional discomfort of smoke in the lungs.

It is important to recognize that many seniors may be reluctant to use cannabis products, either recreational or medical, due to the prevalence of negative propaganda surrounding marijuana use during their younger years. Citizens from this demographic lived through the War on Drugs and were led to believe an incredibly negative stereotype of the drug. Even those who cannot be convinced that marijuana is genuinely misclassified as a dangerous Schedule I drug, though, might be more willing to take advantage of the benefits of cannabis if it doesn’t come with mind-altering side effects. For these individuals, CBD strains and products present the perfect answer.

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livwell logo Denver pot shopSenior citizens are more likely than ever to be trying marijuana for medical and recreational purposes. In fact, the number of elderly users has been on the rise for over a decade. Between 2006 and 2013, there was a 57.8% relative increase of cannabis users between 50-64 years of age. For adults 65 and older, that number jumped to an astounding 250%.

When it comes to learning more about the benefits of marijuana use in senior citizens, no one is more supportive and involved than LivWell Enlightened Health. This medical and adult-use cannabis provider is a sponsor of the Amazing Aging EXPO Denver, a day-long exhibition that is free to attend and features speakers, seminars, and exhibitors who are dedicated to helping senior citizens improve their lives. LivWell is proud to support elderly individuals who are looking to maintain their lifestyles and overall health and wellness. And at LivWell medical and recreational dispensaries, they believe that cannabis products are a key ingredient in helping seniors do just that.

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Article By: Daphne Eccleston

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