Purple Cannabis: What’s the Big Deal?

cannabis growing on a purple background

The marijuana plant is a majestic and mysterious natural herb that has been a part of human civilization for quite some time. There are now hundreds, if not thousands, of cannabis strains available on today’s market. From a potent indica strain to a trichome-rich hybrid, consumers now have more options than ever before. Even though there are a ton of high-quality cannabis strains on the market, purple cannabis still pulls the most hype. Consumers lose their minds when they see purple cannabis and immediately think it’s fire. Having an intense purple color in a marijuana bud is not widely common, so is it really worth all of the hype gets?

What Makes Cannabis Purple?

purple cannabis buds growing

Marijuana is a natural resource that will grow naturally in nature if we allow it to do so. With that in mind, think about how the leaves change colors in the fall. When cannabis grows to have a distinctly purple color, it is a similar process to the leaves changing colors in the fall. Certain cannabis strains turn a dark green while others maintain a light green tint with orange hairs. Purple cannabis is really not that wild when the science is understood. Nevertheless, it’s still pretty sweet seeing purple cannabis on the shelves.

A strain is not purple cannabis if it merely has purple in its name. For a cannabis strain to become purple in color, it all comes down to the specific genetics and growing environment. The pigments found in cannabis are what determine whether or not a strain will turn out purple or something else. In particular, for a strain to be purple it must contain a fair amount of anthocyanins, a water-soluble pigment found in many different plants that directly affects the color of the plant.

Purple Cannabis is not something growers can really control. If a strain does not produce the purple pigment, then there is no way to make it purple. Any strain with a strong anthocyanins count will likely turn purple towards the end of its flowering phase. Some say pH levels do play a role in the overall color of the cannabis. That said, in a controlled setting, it is possible to make a strain’s purple color shine more than others!

Is Purple Cannabis Better?

grape ape medical cannabis, considered a purple cannabis strain

While it’s fun to stick your nose into a fat jar of purple cannabis, there is no difference between purple cannabis and other strains. In many instances, the color change can mean the plant is adapting itself to fix a variety of problems – the only thing purple cannabis has that other strains don’t are anthocyanins.

Purple cannabis is even known for having lower THC content than other strains. Nevertheless, there are still purple cannabis strains with high THC content. It merely comes down to the quality of the grower and the genetics. Sure, purple cannabis might be fire, but the purple color alone does not establish quality.

Purple Cannabis Strains

purple cannabis growing

For those who adore the jar appeal of purple cannabis, there are quite a few options available on the market today. It’s best to start by searching strains with purple in their name, but that doesn’t guarantee the buds will be purple. Try finding one of these stellar purple cannabis strains below to see what the purple buzz is all about.

Granddaddy Purple – Purple Urkle x Big Bud (17% – 23% THC)

Granddaddy Purple is a unique indica-dominant hybrid with quite the genetics. It’s popular amongst consumers for its stellar THC content and beautiful jar appeal. Granddaddy Purple tends to produce dense buds with a gorgeous purple hue. This strain is ideal for a late night smoke session or a lazy day off work.

Blackwater – Mendo Purps x SFV OG Kush (15% – 20% THC)

Anyone looking for a purple cannabis strain needs to check out Blackwater. This strain is a mild indica with a chill set of effects. The buds of Blackwater have a top-notch jar appeal with its distinct aroma and pretty purple buds. It’s an ideal strain for binge-watching some Netflix or getting some shut-eye. While it’s not a potent strain, it’s definitely a purple strain!

Grape Ape – Afghani x Skunk #1 (16% – 25% THC)

Grape Ape is a renowned indica cannabis strain with a strong following in the cannabis community. It’s a high testing strain that packs a punch with every hit. Grape Ape takes home many awards for its all-around quality buds. The purple hue and trichome-rich buds are wild and catch every consumer’s eye. It’s best to puff on Grape Ape in the evening or on a lazy day.

Purple Kush – Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani (18% – 27% THC)

Purple Kush is a phenomenal purple cannabis strain. It’s nearly a pure indica and packs a mighty punch. Purple Kush is a high testing strain perfect for seasoned consumers and a variety of medical marijuana consumers. With every puff of Purple Kush, consumers get a burst of sweet and earthy flavors. It maintains the classic Kush traits we all love. When it comes to Kush strains, Purple Kush is one of the best!

Check to see if any local cannabis shops near you have some purple cannabis on their shelves, here!