Police in Portland raided a warehouse after they got a tip that pot was being grown there. Sgt. Chris Burley from the Portland Police Department said that they had evidence indicating the warehouse was growing marijuana for 5 medical consumers of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

The investigation was conducted by the Portland Police Bureau’s Drugs and Vice Division. Law-enforcement officials raided the warehouse on Southeast 111th Avenue near the 6000 block where they found hundreds of illegal pot plants.

Oregon only permits one person to cultivate up to 6 marijuana plants for medical purposes, making the limit for 5 consumers 30 marijuana plants total. The warehouse was cultivating at least 500 marijuana plants. The plants are estimated to weigh at least 3,000 pounds.

Police say that 16 people were working at the warehouse, but they made no arrests. They did seize the 500 ready-to-harvest plants, even though the workers said that the warehouse had applied with the Oregon Liquor Control Commission for their recreational marijuana license, although they had yet to receive the license. No record of a license being granted was confirmed. The case will be assessed for prosecution by the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office.

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