March Madness: 4 Florida Cities Embracing Marijuana

florida cities embracing marijuana

On Nov. 4, 2016 Florida voters approved Amendment 2 by 71%, expanding the legalization of medical marijuana in the state. This was a large step taken to increase access to marijuana for people suffering with specific debilitating diseases or conditions. According to the Marijuana Policy Project, the amendment is also working to recategorize the possession of cannabis to a noncriminal civil violation.

Though the movement is beginning with card-carrying, medical use, Florida is working toward changing the connotation of cannabis culture in their state.

It might take a considerable amount of time and policy before marijuana will be available for recreational use — if ever, in the Sunshine State — but there are residents ready and anxiously waiting. In the meantime, many Florida citizens are waiting for access to the kind of product they need. In the mean time, visit these four Florida cities embracing marijuana the most to feel at home.

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Palm Bay

Retirees come to Florida by the droves, hoping to settle in a tropical, fun atmosphere: they can be found in the city of Palm Bay. Twenty percent of the 104,898 population is over the age of 65, according to Kiplinger.

What does this mean?

Residents with ailing issues specific to aging welcome medical marijuana. Seniors will be jumping at the chance to try Maryjane over prescription pills.

St. Petersburg

There’s nothing sadder than a suffering child. St. Petersburg boasts the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, whose Cancer & Blood Disorders Institute is highly regarded. cites marijuana as a source of relief from cancer-related symptoms, such as vomiting and nausea from chemotherapy, neuropathic pain from nerve damage, and lack of appetite in conjunction with conventional medical care.

Medical cardholders and parents, alike, will be able to seek out medical marijuana in St. Petersburg, which will be a huge draw to the Florida city. The Gulf Coast area — filled with healthcare professionals and medical consumers looking for answers — will likely wholly embrace the medical marijuana community.


Disneyland won’t be the biggest draw to Orlando anymore. Not only is Orlando a specific destination for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the city is also home to one of very few (7) dispensaries in the state already.

Between the 12 different theme parks, Orlando is already considered one of the largest travel destinations in the world adding medical marijuana to the list only makes the international appeal widen. Airports will probably find themselves cracking down on out-of-town visitors claiming ignorance to federal laws, but Orlando will embrace the new culture.


Let’s be real: citizens of the South Beach area are more than ready to embrace any culture associated with weed, starting with medical marijuana. The city welcomes mind- and body-altering substances and is well known for having a good time. They are already famed for their extravagant art deco, party-filled beaches, raging hotels, and exclusive nightclubs — citizens and travelers alike will welcome a substance known for elevating a good time.

Only time will tell how Florida will embrace medical marijuana after the hard-fought success of recent legislation. As the state adjusts and further builds their cannabis industry, these 4 cities will gladly accept patrons of all types who seek different uses for ganja, with welcome arms.